What's The Deal With Game's Evolving Face Tattoo? We Found Out

Snoop Dogg And The Game Press Conference

Snoop Dogg And The Game Press Conference

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Have you ever wondered why Marrying The Game star Jayceon "Game" Taylor has changed up his face tattoo so often? What started as a butterfly tattoo back in 2005 turned into an L.A. Dodgers logo, which turned into a more elaborate Dodgers logo with a star around it in 2011, but we've always wondered why he's changed it up so often.

We did a little digging and found an interview which explains his tattoo evolution. A word to anyone seeking a face tattoo of their own: learn from Game's mistakes and make sure you love the artwork before you get it drawn on your cheek. Otherwise you'll have what looks like a "motherf---ing moth" that needs to be covered up. "Know what you're gonna get and know what it's gonna do for you," is his advice. Check out our gallery to see all his face art, and get an explanation for each subsequent tattoo. You can also watch him discuss the tattoos in the clip below.