Deelishis Talks About Life After Reality TV and Her "Friendship" Wiz Khalifa

She's still out here doing it!

It's been a while since we've chatted with our girl London "Deelishis" Charles. The reality star turned Instagram celebrity is best known for winning Flavor Flav's heart on Flavor of Love 2 and for her infamous walkaways. Last time VH1 caught up with Deelishis she was busy launching her own line of jeans and getting to work on her music (we still love "Rumpshaker!") but a lot has happened since those days: from hosting her own radio show in Detroit to a rumored relationship with Wiz Khalifa, we just had to get the Tea from the original big booty of reality TV.

Deelishis, I see you flexing on Instagram but it's been a while - what is going on with you? What have you been keeping busy with?

Deelishis: Right now I’m the morning host on Radio 1's Hot 107.5 in Detroit. The show is called, The Morning Heat and I do that Monday through Friday.

How has the transition to radio been?

Deelishis: I am getting older - the girls are getting younger, they're turning eighteen right before our eyes on social media and reality TV - eventually this may stop for me. I want something in entertainment that’s going to have longevity - and radio’s just that. I look at people like Tom Joyner or Steve Harvey, Howard Stern, even Wendy Williams who started in radio. And my mom's been in gospel radio for the past 28 years...

So, the radio thing is in your genes...

Deelishis: [Laughs] It’s in my genes! I have more than just a big butt in my jeans.

I'm glad you brought that booty up - you know big butts are everywhere and Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj get a lot of credit for that but you were sporting your butt long before - what do you make of the trend?

Deelishis: I mean I was born with it and back in my day, when I was in high school it was called being fat and by the time I got to college it was considered being “thick.” Now, as an adult, it’s considered "phat" with a P-H. Back in the Flavor of Love days, it was great that even then someone with my shape could be in a winning position. I like to think that I paved the way for lots of women and made it something that was accepted. Not only was it accepted but it was embraced and it was duplicated. A few years back, Nicki Minaj was doing an interview with Funkmaster Flex and he said, “You gotta be the number one butt in the world, who would you say number two was,” and she, “Deelishis.” I smiled, I was pretty honored by that!

Yes! Love it. And whose butt do you think is best? Who's do you like?

Deelishis: Aside from Deelishis [Laughs], I like Nicki’s - I would give it back to her - I like how she carries it. She talks about it and she’s comfortable with it and she embraces it. I don’t know if it’s real or fake but for her, she says, it doesn’t matter real or fake, you still notice it and still praise it. I like hers because of the character and attitude that comes with hers. It's not just the butt on the back - she’s an empire with a big butt.

Does it matter to you if the junk in the trunk is real or fake?

Deelishis: Initially everyone was like, if it’s fake it’s not authentic and it doesn’t stand for anything. Look, it’s a butt. I wear fake eyelashes, I wear fake nails, I wear fake hair. At this point, if my butt was to sag - I come from a family of very well-endowed women and we spread wide and drop kinda low. In this day and age, if I had to do some cosmetic surgery - I don’t care because you're damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. So, I'm okay with it -if anyone decides to enhance what they have - and it looks good? Good for them.

Now, people love to come for you about surgeries you may or may not have - from your nose to your butt - people have a lot to say. Anything you'd like to clarify on your plastic surgery for the haters?

Deelishis: [Laughs] First of all, I've got that keloid skin. I got my breasts done, perfect example - if I go and have cosmetic surgery you’re gonna know. I have the worst boob job ever! I have that bad keloid skin like that - I have scars like World War II underneath my clothes when it comes down to my boobs. You don’t see that on my butt and you don’t see that on my face. I don’t need a rhinoplasty because I have a good makeup artist. I get kind of flattered,because I know that I don’t have the nose that I desire, and I know we did a good job with that makeup.

So we saw you on Instagram hanging with Shekinah Jo and Tiny Harris, anyone else from the VH1 fam that you're tight with?

Deelishis: I’m friends with Miss Nikki Baby and I’m cool with Teairra Mari because she’s from Detroit. I'm good friends with Rashidah Ali and Tahiry and Shenellica - well her name is Joseline on her show - but I knew her when she was Shenellica. Oh, and Karlie Redd. K.Michelle and I are chums. That’s another bum - I love that bottom!

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Do you keep in touch with anyone from your Flavor of Love days? Tiffany? Flav?

Deelishis: No, for a while, I was friends with Shay "Buckeey" Johnson, we were pretty tight, we were chums. After maybe 2010, after my daughter Lexington was born she was doing her own thing and doing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and we kinda drifted apart. They called me to do a bit part on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and I don’t think she was too happy with that. She kind of expressed that. She wanted to be the only one from Flavor of Love to crossover into the Love & Hip Hop franchise and so when she found out that I was going to possibily take advantage of that opportunity, I think that rubbed her the wrong way and we haven’t spoken since then. I made a few attempts initially but those attempts went unnoticed so we kind of separated.

Did I miss you on an episode of Love & Hip Hop or did that not end up happening?

Deelishis: I actually hosted Joseline’s birthday party on there but I wasn’t interacting with any of the main cast members.

Is reality TV still something you would do? Would you ever do a show like Love & Hip Hop?

Deelishis: Absolutely, especially if it makes sense. I love reality TV. I said it years ago when we were looked at as scum. People said we were the bottom of the barrel. I said, one day there are going to be A-listers wanting to be captured in their own raw form. From Kim K to Diddy, you name it, people want to be part of reality TV. I’m proud of my reality TV history - we paved the way, especially for urban reality TV, so I would definitely go back.

Now, you're rumored to be in a relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa - would you guys ever consider bringing your relationship to a Love & Hip Hop or something?

Deelishis: I don’t think we would be interested in putting our friendship out their like that for a couple reasons: we both have young kids - he has a young son, who he’s heavily involved with, he’s an active father. We’re a growing [Laughs] friendship. I wouldn’t want to live out this growth out on TV. You have to be careful because sometimes reality TV can break up friendships, let alone relationships, if you’re not careful because it’s reality and you have the entire world to watch. It just makes stuff tricky and as mature as I try and be about it and as familiar as I am with it, I’m still human. I have a very good relationship with him and I’m very fond of it and I don’t think I would wanna risk the beginning stages of that. If it really became something solid and we knew how to maneuver that then maybe but right now, no.