Are Pigs Flying?: Ceaser Reunited with This Former 'Black Ink Crew' Cast Member

"Family argue and fight but WE STILL FAMILY."

It's been five years since Puma and Ceaser went down in history as the first friendship to ever end over a chicken wing and now it looks like everything's all good, again!

"I would be lying if i Told You i don't miss these TWO... Family argue and fight but WE STILL FAMILY."

OK, it wasn't only because of a chicken wing, but the falling out was extremely intense. Don't remember? Here's a quick refresher:

Yikes. "Ohana" means family, though, and this picture is proof that Puma and Sassy will always be Ceaser's. They even spent time in a trap tent together! Now that's love. In looking at Puma's Instagram, the OG's will also be back to their old partying ways sooner than you think.

If you recall, Puma and Ceaser began having issues when the former Black Ink manager decided to leave the shop to open his own. They were able to temporarily mend things but the tensions between Black Ink and Puma's INK 124 shop 'caused their friendship to erupt. Shortly after Puma's departure, a ride-or-die Sassy eventually left too in solidarity with her brother, especially since a certain someone whose name rhymes with (Dutchess) started spreading false rumors around the shop. Since then, it's been on-sight on every occasion Puma and Ceaser ran into one another.

Fast-forward to 2018, everyone has obviously matured. We're happy bygones are bygones and the past has been left there. Salute to the growth!