Remy Ma Says She and Cardi B Are Already Talking About Collaborating on New Music

"She like literally grabbed me like, 'We need to do a song together,' I was like, 'OK,' she was like, 'I'm not playin!'"

Remy Ma knew Cardi B was going to be something special when she saw the "Bodak Yellow" rapper performing in a talent show at seventeen. Now, the two ladies are looking to collaborate with one another.

In this clip from's Facebook live, KendallKyndall sat down with OG Remy Ma and her stylist, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newbie Zell Swag to talk all things VMAs. Of course Cardi B is the topic of discussion (she's washhh pappinnnn) and Remy speaks on potentially working with this breakout star. The two boogie-down-Bronxters apparently had talks when Cardi fake-pressed Remy at the show to get in the studio together. She's dope and been dope so to Remy that's no question. The "All the Way Up" rapper won't work with just anyone though. When Cardi first stepped on the scene, Remy first assumed she was another fat a-- with a mic, claiming rap. In watching a throwback video of a 17-year-old Belcalis, Remy knew Cardi was serious about this life which is why she brought her out on the Summer Jam stage. New York radio isn't exactly the kindest to their native artists and after some arguing Remy was able to give this regular schmegular girl her shot to shut down that stage. Good thing she did because it was super litty.

Remy is happy to see Cardi reach the success she has thus far. Don't get it twisted, Remy is no bandwagon hopper or a hater. Cardi is winning and Remy is loving it.

The Love & Hip Hop crew in New York may be dominating in the hip hop part which is why Remy doesn't know if she could ever be about that Hollywood life. Before watching the VMAs, Remy tuned into Sunday's special episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and it's safe to say she ain't built like that. Cats are jumping over tables and throwing plexiglass and ish and Remy wants no parts. Zell clearly lives for it. His acrobatic a-- even stretches before scenes and he's even looking to run into a particularly "no-neck" character. (Who you shadinnnnn?)

He's not done yet, in Zell's impromptu edition of Petty Nicknames, he lays on the petty mayonnaise thick on some cast mates from all franchises. He actually likes Safaree so the Stuntman is now known as "The Coconut Man." (Don't sleep on Safaree, you'll never be ashy messing with him.) Yung Joc is "Diddy Juice" after Puff and his dances. The correlation is weird but oddly makes sense. Rich Dollaz is "Broke Pennies." Karlie Redd is Karlie He---that's just mean. (Remy is stuck on that one.) Cisco is a "No No." Lil Fizz will forever be "B2K" and Daniel "Booby" Gibson is a "who?" Oop!!

Watch as they pettily talk this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. It's about 28 minutes of pure hilarity.

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