"You Don't Want Me": While At Marriage Boot Camp, Amina is Convinced Peter Wants Tara Was There Instead

"I think Tara means as much as me to Peter as me or more."

Amina Buddafly is finding herself back at square one because while Peter is supposed to be at Marriage Boot Camp to fix things with her, he's sneaking out trying to resolve issues with Tara too, via FaceTime.

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly joined WeTV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in an attempt to see where their relationship is going and in this clip from the show, we see they are going nowhere fast. In the beginning of the video above, Amina wonders if Peter's heart in is the right place. She says, "I think Tara means as much as me to Peter or more. Sometimes I wonder if he's thinking, 'what if Tara was here?' I'm sure he does."

Peter calls Tara, who isn't a fan of this whole boot camp process, to reassure her that he's still there for her. He's beginning to question if he chose the right person and Amina feels that's obvious. Wondering how long Peter is going to stick it out, Amina is already feeling defeated.

Not much has changed. Hopefully Peter can momentarily get out of his head to give Amina a fair shot.

In this throwback Love & Hip Hop clip, Peter gets candid about where he stands with Amina and Tara.