James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor Are the New Brandy and Monica We Deserve in "The Boyega Is Mine" Spoof

Who wouldn't fight over John Boyega?

James Corden, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Boyega found themselves in a 90's R&B style love triangle on The Late Late Show Wednesday night.

In a spoof of Brandy and Monica's 1998 hit "The Boy Is Mine," the talk show host and comedic genius Tamor fight over Star Wars actor Boyega in a slightly modified version of the original lyrics.

“You need to give it up. I’ve had about enough. It’s not hard to see, the Boyega is mine. I’m sorry that you seem to be confused, but he belongs to me. The Boyega is mine!” the two stars belt out.

This comes at a perfect time since Brandy and "ol girl" Monica have recently butt heads over "the Whitney Houston bond is mine" controversy on Instagram. Similar to their original video, the spoof ends with the two pajama-clad suitors figuring out that Boyega has been playing them both and catch him in the act.

Watch the hilarious clip above.

Watch Love and Hip Hop's Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly remake Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" sort of in the video below.