This Former Star of 'The Hills' Has a New Face and a New Career in a New Country

Don't worry, I also did a double take.

This is Stephanie Pratt. You may remember her as Spencer Pratt's sister, who starred alongside him and his wife Heidi Montag on The Hills.

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And this is also Stephanie Pratt. She's still Spencer Pratt's sister, but that's pretty much the only thing about her that has stayed the same:

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Here's a side by side, you know, in case you needed a closer look.

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stephanie pratt

This is me realizing that this is, indeed, the same person:

Okay, so that's Britney Spears, but I made pretty much the same face.

The road to and from The Hills was a bumpy one for Pratt, who opened up in her memoir about her past addiction to crystal meth, trouble with the law, her struggle with bulimia while on The Hills, and her tumultuous relationship with her family.

Since her time on The Hills Stephanie has been on the popular UK reality show Made in Chelsea (which seems like a lie because she was not made in Chelsea, but I digress), Celebrity Big Brother, and Celebs Go Dating. She started her stint on Made in Chelsea when she began dating one of the show's stars, Spencer Matthews. Is it a little weird she dated a guy with the same name as her brother? Maybe. We won't judge, though. She actually moved to London to be with Matthews, so we have him to thank for her UK transformation. Since her move, she's been tied to a few different men. Notably, Joey Essex from the popular show The Only Way is Essex.

She also got a new...accent? Maybe it's just me but it sounds like Steph is pulling a Madonna.

Seriously, someone tell me that they hear it, too so that I know I am not going crazy.

Lest you think that Stephanie is just a reality television star trying to break into fashion, she'll be the first to remind you that she graduated from LA's prestigious FIDM, so her designs and various fashion an accessory ventures are legit.

Listen, sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do to keep things exciting. For me, that's buying a new lipstick from Sephora, for Stephanie it's becoming British and having some plastic surgery. To each their own, am I right? All that matters is that Stephanie is clearly thriving. You go, Steph!

Not everyone loves being a reality television star. Kristin Cavallari, for example, it's totally over it.