Ruben Proves He's About That Thug Life When He Figures Out Anais is Having an Affair with Rich in This 'Love & Hip Hop' Highlight

Ruben has been telling Anais that he will leave her if she keeps acting a fool and having a boyfriend rub up on her booty definitely counts.

Anais and Rich have been creeping together behind her husband's back and have been swearing up, down and sideways that they were prepared to do what they needed to stay together. But now that the cat's out of the bag, thanks to a surprise pop up at an event from her husband, things did NOT go as planned for either Anais or Rich.

When Richie D woke up the morning of Anais' event, he probably did not think his night would end with with him picking up a chair to throw it at his girlfriend's husband. Well it did and it's all thanks to an unannounced visit from Anais' husband, Ruben, at an event that was planned by Rich. First of all, why Navarro would ask Rich to plan a professional event for Anais because guess who shows up to support artists at their events? Their husbands. Ruben shows up is totally cool until Rich mentions Ruben and Anais' separation. Slight problem, Ruben was unaware that he was separated (because he's not!). He puts two and two together about Anais' extracurricular activities. With Rich and Ruben getting ready to dual in the middle of a signing, security stops it all just in time for Jonathan to start screaming at the top of his lungs "I told you so!" to Anais. Ruben leaves, and Anais realizes she made a huge mistake. She tries to go fight for her husband of 14 years and the father of her two children but Ruben ain't tryna hear it and walks away.

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