These Pop Mash-Ups Are Like Your Favorite Songs MULTIPLIED—So Drop Everything And Listen!


It's Friday, guys. And you know what that means: TIME TO LISTEN TO EPIC POP MASH-UPS ON THE INTERNET, duh. (Wait, that's not what y'all do on Fridays? Am I just weird? *Backs into a corner and hides in shame.*)

But seriously, people, have you checked out the pop mash-ups floating around the Web? Some are pretty crappy, but—make no mistake—there are more than a few gems.

Here are just 10 examples of gold-medal mash-ups you need to (somehow legally) download. Prepare to turn the hell up.

Lady Gaga ("LoveGame") and Evanescence ("Bring Me to Life")

"LoveGame"'s plastic electropop surprisingly works against the emotional angst of "Bring Me to Life." Dance music with heart, if you will.

Britney Spears ("Gimme More," "Hold It Against Me"), Christina Aguilera ("Your Body"), and Lady Gaga ("Applause")

This amazeballs mash-up is probably the closest thing we'll ever get to a collaboration between these three goddesses. Each diva gleams with pink energy on this dizzying techno hurricane.

Madonna ("Bitch I'm Madonna") and Taylor Swift ("Bad Blood")

It's the battle of the cameo-heavy music videos in this awesome pairing. Brace yourself for copious head-banging.

Rihanna ("Umbrella") and Fifth Harmony ("Worth It")

This jazzy jam is fused with badass R&B flavor. Rihanna and Fifth Harmony should collaborate IRL, to be honest. This one is prime.

Katy Perry ("E.T.") and Kesha ("Cannibal")

But not as prime as this Katy/Kesha mix. It's a throbbing, synthy slow-burner with a near-orgasmic chorus. We def want to hear this track while turnt at da club.

Selena Gomez ("Come & Get It") and Demi Lovato ("Heart Attack")

These girls may not be BFFs anymore (tears), but their music is perfect together. So good!

Mariah Carey ("It's Like That") and Ariana Grande ("The Way")

We wonder if MiMi has heard this. (And, if so, has she thrown shade?) No lie, it would be hard to find fault in this beauty. Such a GD bop.

Madonna ("Celebration"), Pitbull ("I Know You Want Me"), and Lady Gaga ("LoveGame")

It happened: Pitbull is finally a part of something decent. Serving pure dance-floor realness here.

Taylor Swift ("How You Get the Girl") and Rihanna ("S&M")

How You Get The S&M Girl (Mashup w/ Taylor Swift & Rihanna) by Andywumusicland on Mixcloud

Oddly enough, TayTay's sugary-sweet track from 1989 and RiRi's aggressive 2010 smash vibe well off each other. Listen to believe, pals!

Justin Bieber ("All Around the World") and Jason Derulo ("Breathing")

If this song doesn't make you a little drunk, then you're not a human.