• Season 2, Ep 1

The 9 Mag Ladies Push Phor’s Buttons At His Show

Phor is trying to prepare for his important gig, but Kat, Charmaine, and Danielle are a distraction when they get drunk and rowdy backstage.

10/03/2016 · 2:48

>> BOTH: Hey!

>> Being a successful artist is

something I always wanted since

I was 15 years old.

There's a lot riding on this


And I need to make sure I have

all the focus and all the

positive energy I could possibly

get before I hit this stage.

Are you guys coming in or what?


Let's go turn up.

This is super badass.

We're walking backstage in the

Chicago Theater.

And I come across a sign that

says Zoey Dollaz, so I'm like,

"Oh, hey, Zoey Dollaz."

Can we come in here and drink

with you guys?

He's a legit rapper from Miami.

And I'm like, "Why not?"

Where's Zoey Dollaz's at?

>> Right here.


>> [laughs]

>> [unintelligible].

>> Right, where the music at?

>> We wanna turn up.

>> KAT: All right, let's turn


>> CHARMAINE: Come on, bitch.

Give her a shot.

You all just [unintelligible].

>> We all supposed to be here

supporting Phor, and the girls

over there in another dressing

room trying to get with all the


Like what y'all intent?

Are you all here to support or

are you all here to party?

>> Magic, playback my--hold on.

>> ♪

>> I gotta kill that intro.

>> ♪

♪ I'm from the Southside

[indistinct rapping]

>> ♪ You can't [bleep] me

♪ If you [bleep] lame

♪ Hey

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> What number is that on? Two?

>> Two thirteen.

>> I got 20 minute before I hit

this stage.

And I can't even focus because

due to all the distraction from

the girls next door being

[bleep] hookers and groupies.

Like I mean, [bleep] damn.

>> KAT: Let's go.

>> Yeah, let's be reunited with

our team.


>> [indistinct chatter]

>> [indistinct rapping]

>> I'm the talent.

Don't be singing over my music

when I'm trying to concentrate.

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> Shut your ass up.

>> PHOR: Get the [bleep] out of

my dressing room.

>> What are you talking about,


>> DANIELLE: We definitely

can't, Ryan.

>> We can do [unintelligible].

>> Okay, do what you're doing.

>> Okay, don't point at me and

throw shade at me.

>> RYAN: Stop [bleep] talking to

me like that.

When it comes to being on the

defense, I know Kat like the

back of my hand.

She ain't gonna be rational and

wanna hear nobody else out.

She want it to be how she want

it to be.

>> [indistinct arguing]

>> This show could be my biggest


Why you all acting like [bleep]

Looney Tunes?

It's not okay.

[bleep] it, I'm out.