• Season 2, Ep 1 · Bonus

The 9Mag Ladies Play A Riddle Game

Danielle, Kat, and Charmaine mess around in the shop.

10/03/2016 · 1:09

>> "I start with a V, and every

"woman has one.

"She can even use me to get what

"she wants.

What am I?"

>> A vagina.

>> No, it's--

>> That's what they want you


>> Visa, Visa.

>> Yes!

>> No.


>> What is it?

>> Vendetta.

>> Her voice.

>> Oh, hell no.

That's whack.

Every [bleep] got a voice, too.


>> Ooh, okay, okay, this might

be a good one.

It says, "Your finger fits right

"in it.

"You play with it when you're


>> [laughs]

>> "One you're married, you're

"stuck with the same one


What is it?"

>> A ring.

>> Oh, you bitch.

>> [laughs]

>> What the [bleep]?

>> I was about to say booty


>> You play with your [bleep]

when you're bored?

>> Hell ya.

[bleep] it.


>> All three of us are freaks in

very different ways.

Charmaine is a freak like, "I'm

"gonna show you all how freaky I


"I'm gonna shake my ass in the


"I'm gonna talk about my thumb

being put in my [bleep]."

Me and Danielle be like, "Bitch,


>> ALL: [laughing]