• Season 2, Ep 3

Ashley and Her Friends Jump Charmaine

Charmaine’s run in with Ashley and her crew outside of the bathroom turns into a huge brawl.

10/10/2016 · 3:09

>> Bitch, don't play with me.

>> Yo, yo, yo, yo, [bleep], yo!

>> [unintelligible shouting]

>> Oh, my God, wait!

>> Ashley and her crazy ass crew

just crashed my party and

started all this [bleep] with

my cousin Charmaine.

>> [unintelligible shouting]

>> Don't play with me.

Don't ever [bleep] play with me.

I'll beat the [bleep] out you.

>> DANIELLE: She tried to

[bleep] jump you?

>> I don't appreciate these weak

ass hoes coming into my shop,

thinking that they can start

some [bleep] with me, over your

man that ain't come home.

Girl, let me [bleep] tell you.

>> No, tell me how it all

started, I'm [bleep]

freaking out.

>> So Ashley was like, oh,

you were hanging all over

Don on Snapchat.

So then her cousin like, bitch,

I'll [bleep] drag you.

I'm like, bitch, drag me then.

So she went to grab my hair.

Bitch, like my hair got

[bleep] ruined.

>> I know me and you have had

our issues, but nobody's gonna

touch you in front of me.

>> Bitch I know that.

>> Period.

When I see Ashley and Charmaine

fighting, my animal instincts

really kick in.

Yes, Charmaine and I are

fighting, but regardless,

that's my girl.

>> But y'all know that.

The last fight that I had was

with Katrina, so the fact that

she's running to my side trying

to help, I'm a little confused.

Like are we cool or not?

[bleep] this ho ass [bleep].

>> JUNIOR: Don't worry, bro.

>> WOMAN: Do not [bleep] play

with me!

>> Stop yelling. Stop yelling.

Stop yelling. Stop yelling, bro.

I'm trying so hard to keep

my cool.

Listen to me.

But instead of listening,

you have to keep yelling at me

and calling me out my name and

disrespecting me in front of


>> She laughed in my face,

said every time Don get around,

he lie.

I'm not gonna [bleep] Don again.

>> I don't got [bleep] to do

with this.

>> You go down lookin' like

a [bleep] fool!

>> Don't be blaming this [bleep]

on me.

What the [bleep] I do?

>> WOMAN: Act like a fool.

>> Outside of you and Don,

he's still at the shop.

Go right now, right now, right

now, 'cause I'm ready now, too!

I'm ready now to kick your ass!

>> Shut the [bleep] up, man!

>> You must think I'm one

of these hoes in the street.

Respect me like I'm a fiancée

and the mother of your child.

You bitch!

>> Damn!

>> ASHLEY: You bitch!

You bitch, you bitch, [bleep]!

What is wrong with you?

What the [bleep] wrong with you?

>> [bleep] that.

I was pissed.

>> ASHLEY: Let me go.

>> DON: You're not listening.

>> ASHLEY: Let me go,

you're embarrassing me.

>> DON: No [bleep].

I ain't been doing [bleep].

Look I'm not trying to say what

Charmaine said shouldn't have

pissed Ashley off.

But she's tripping right now.

And this is exactly why I didn't

wanna tell Ashley that I have

a daughter.

You keep turning up on me.

>> You caused the problem.

>> I didn't cause [bleep].

>> In the first place.

>> I been on--man!

>> Charmaine, don't go inside

because they will really try to

stomp your ass out [bleep].

Don't go in that bitch, for you.

>> Swear to God, swear to God.

>> KAT: Charmaine,

Charmaine, stop.

When Charmaine is drunk,

it's crazy.

She's the most irrational

person ever.

These are some gutter bitches.

They don't have [bleep] to lose.

That Chicago [bleep] is real.

Bitches will stomp you out with

a stiletto.


Charmaine, seriously.

>> Stay back.

>> KAT: No, seriously 'cause

Charmaine will get stomped

the [bleep] out.


>> [bleep] that [bleep].

Don't come up into our

workplace, into a party that

you're not invited to with your

hood ass friends trying to

start some drama.

Excuse me, what the [bleep]

is your problem?