• Season 2, Ep 2

Don Takes A Paternity Test

After seeing the Instagram post of a woman claiming her daughter to be his, Don takes a test to set the record straight.

10/03/2016 ยท 2:04

>> DON: How are you doing?

Uh, I'm coming here for a test

this morning.

>> MAN: Okay, could you sign

in for me, please?

>> Okay.

My homegirl Whitney from

college has been posting

pictures saying that her

daughter is mine.

The way that she's goin' about

this [bleep] makes me very


I need to go ahead and get his

paternity test over with, so,

a week from now, I can put all

this [bleep] behind me.

I'm just really just ready to

go and get this over with.

Listen, I reckon as it is to be

here, man, I have to do this

because I don't trust Whitney,

you know?

She's done her thing in

the past, I've done mine.

It's never been just this

perfect role between us,

you know what I'm saying?

>> PHOR: Right.

>> It's always...and I need to

be sure that Whitney ain't

spinnin' me through some

loops just because...

>> For no reason.

Just to bother you.

>> Mm-hm.

I know that Whitney sees me with

Ashley and she don't want that


She wants to [bleep] that up,

you know what I'm saying?

Jealousy can really push

a person into a negative space.

I don't sleep easy on this.

I don't walk around not thinking

about this, and then I've gotta

also think about Ash, like you

know what I mean?

Like it scares me to know that

I could hurt her by this being

my daughter.

I know that I have not always

been perfect in this

relationship that me and Ashley

share, so, I can't help but have

this doubt in the back of my

mind like what if this is my


What would this cause on the

relationship that I've been

working so hard to fix?

I ain't bein' that dude that

I was two, three years ago,

so, if it is my daughter,

it's just knowin' that like,

man, because of the person

I was...

>> Yeah.

>> ...this is something I have

to ask her to endure.

>> You know, what's why we're

here, bro.

I mean, you're a stand up guy

for even, you know, coming down

here to do this.

This is the first step, man.

>> MAN: Are you done with

the paperwork?

>> Yeah.

Okay, I appreciate you.

>> You got it, bro.

>> I'm an engaged man,

I have a son.

If this is my daughter, this

will change everything that's

goin' on in our life.

>> MAN: Okay, we can see

you in the back.

>> DON: All right.