• Season 2, Ep 2 · Bonus

Kat and Danielle Talk About Ryan’s Meeting

Kat vents to Danielle about how Charmaine and Ryan upset her at the shop the other night.

10/03/2016 · 2:37

>> DANIELLE: Girl, this new

puppy I got is a nightmare.

I'm so tired.

Literally, this puppy is like

having a baby.

>> KAT: Oh, my God.

>> DANIELLE: I woke up three,

four times in the middle of

the night because the dog

kept [bleep] in its cage.

I don't know what to do 'cause

sometimes I feel like he's doing

it on purpose, like y'all don't

wanna let me out the cage,

I'ma [bleep] everywhere.

>> KAT: [laughs]

Speaking about dogs,

like what the [bleep]

was that the other day?

>> Girl, I, to be honest,

I don't even know how to deal

with that.

>> KAT: I'm still mad as hell

from that.

Like who the [bleep] does

Charmaine think she is--gettin'

all in me and Ryan's business,

and touchin' my [bleep].

I should beat her ass.

She can say what she wants to

me, but don't disrespect me by

going and touching my [bleep].


>> Like when she did that,

I knew it was on, and she's my

cousin, but I can't even say

what I would do if she did that

to me.

>> I saw red.

>> Yeah.

>> That's all I saw was red.

>> Katrina, the second that she

brought your [bleep] out,

all I saw do was look at

her like..."What the--?"

>> KAT: [laughs]

>> You charged her, girl.

Tunnel vision.

>> Yeah.

>> You were not playin'.

>> I spent too much money.

Like, bitch, you ain't makin' no

money, so, don't touch my mother

[bleep] money-maker 'cause

I will beat your ass.

Like this is a tattoo shop,

you know what I mean?

>> Yeah.

>> We make art.

Charmaine, what do you do?

>> Do you genuinely think that

she doesn't do anything for

9 Mag, because I think she does.

>> Not anything impactful.

You come up here, you [bleep],

you smoke, you twerk, and you

sweep the floors.

One minute she's team me,

team us, team girl power,

you know what I'm saying?

Now all of a sudden, you're

Ryan...Ryan's [bleep].

What the [bleep]?

Are they [bleep] behind doors

and we don't know about it

or something?

>> DANIELLE: [sighing]

See, and that's why I get

so caught up between you two

because obviously you're

my best friend.

>> Yeah, you don't have to

be in the middle of it, girl.

>> I've known you since the

start and she's my cousin.

>> KAT: I understand that.

>> DANIELLE: So, now I'm like--

>> KAT: I mean, if it was me

and if it was my cousin,

I would tell them, like you're

...you're a piece of [bleep].

Me, Ryan, Van and Phor have been

together for three years.

We built 9 Mag together.

Charmaine just came in the mix,

so it's like don't come in here

and speak on something you know

nothing about.

For Ryan to feel so high and

mighty and then come at me about

the rent like I've dropped

the ball.

I've never ever ever dropped

the ball.

Any issue he's ever had,

he's never said to my face.

If I expect you to owe

something, or if this is what

you owe, let's talk about it.

Tell me that.

If Ryan would have just put on

his big boy pants and talked to

me one-on-one, everything would

have been fine.

But I know Charmaine probably

got into that bean head of his.

I know Ryan's heart, so, I don't

know, Ryan didn't go and grab my

[bleep], you know what I mean?

>> Right.

>> Like I'm willing to talk it

out with Ryan and see where his

headspace is at.

I care too much about him to let

it weigh, you know, that hard on

my heart.