• Season 2, Ep 2

Van Gets Out Of Jail And Reunites With The 9Mag Crew

The 9Mag crew brings a party bus to the prison to pick up Van.

10/03/2016 · 3:04

>> ♪

>> RYAN: Is that that [bleep]

that white?

>> ALL: [cheering, laughing]

>> Why y'all ain't been around?

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Why y'all ain't been around?

>> ALL: [laughing, screaming]

>> I'm free, mother [bleep]!


>> KAT: [squealing]


>> VAN: What's goin' on?

>> KAT: I'm ecstatic seeing Van.

I'm so happy to see my brother.

I miss him like crazy.

Despite all the bull [bleep]

goin' on with me and Ryan and

Charmaine, I wouldn't miss

this moment for the world.

>> [bleep]!

>> DON: [laughing]

The fact that I'm lookin' at

Van over there, I'm [bleep]


I'm happy to know that he

battled through all of this


>> Van!

I missed you so much.

Van is skimpy.

Like he was on the real

boot camp like...

Van, you are so [bleep] small.

>> Yeah, what the [bleep]?

>> We need to feed you.

>> You look like Mike Tyson!

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Just like Mike Tyson.

>> It's so good to see Van

and to see everybody today

giving him the love.

I love Van and I'm proud of him.

Van, welcome back, bro.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> That is crazy, man.

Oh, hell, no.

Man, y'all gonna give me

a prison bus?

It's the last prison bus I'm

ever ridin' on.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> I can't wait to leave.

What's up with Kat?

Man, Kat look good.

Look at that blond hair.

>> I'm a new bitch.

>> VAN: Yeah, look at you.

Look at you.

>> Katrina's putting on such

a little sweet face for Van.

Only if he know what was really

goin' down at the shop and

the [bleep] she's been puttin'

us through.

>> I got a drink in here?

>> ALL: [chattering at once]

>> Look what we've got, baby.

>> VAN: I waited four long

months for this day to finally

get here, and now that it's

here, I feel like this is the

first day of my entire life.

>> [cork pops]

>> ALL: [cheering]

>> DANIELLE: Through all

the petty bull [bleep] and all

these [bleep] up arguments that

we've had, Van was the glue

and now the glue is back.

Like now we can all take a deep

breath and hopefully say...


You know, like daddy's home.

>> ♪ Let me see

♪ You walk it out

♪ Let me see you drop it

♪ Let me see you pump it out

♪ Let me see you work it

>> It feels so, so good to see

these guys.

Everybody's there just on my

account, so, it's like, man,

the family is right back


>> ♪ I'll give money

♪ I'll I'll give money

♪ I'll give money

♪ I'll I'll give money

>> I'm just happy to be here.

[bleep] I was just on

a [bleep] prison bus for real

for real, you know, with cuffed

up, so for me to be on

the damn bus and, you know,

free, and I can touch women,

I can have some fun...

[bleep] I'm down for it.

>> ♪ Money