• Season 2, Ep 3

Phor Tattoos His Crush

Phor has a flirtatious tattoo session with Nikki, a client he may be catching feelings for.

10/10/2016 · 2:12

>> So what's really good though?

>> Not much. Happy to see you.

>> Nikki is super, super heat


Super nice, super sexy.

What do you wanna do?

>> I want you to pretty much

have like your own special


You can make it like strength,

power, protection.

>> PHOR: Okay.

>> I need a powerful tattoo

from a powerful man.

>> So you need a powerful

man, too?

I got powers.

I got super powers.

>> [laughs]

Just tattoo, all right?


>> PHOR: Me and Nikki been

knowing each other for six

years, and we've been messing

around off and on.

There could be a little more

going on with all the attraction

we have for one another.

>> [laughs]

>> I'm scared of you.

>> What you mean by that?

>> You know we have our very

strong friendship bond and,

you know, I value that.

>> Right.

>> I always played it safe

because I never wanted to lose

you, you know what I mean?

As a friend.

>> Right.

Well I mean I feel like you

shouldn't be scared.

Life is all about taking risks.

You know, I got you.

>> PHOR: Are you about ready

to get started?

>> NIKKI: Mm-hmm.

I'm a little nervous but I'm


>> ♪ Fly away with me baby

♪ I've been falling for days

♪ Been lost in the maze

♪ I hope you can save me

>> I really haven't felt this

way about another woman since

Kat and I called it quits

last year.

That was really hard to get


I'm trying to focus on my music

right now and this girl could be

distracting me from everything

that I'm trying to do.

>> ♪ 'Cause tonight

♪ The stars are shining bright

♪ Aligned for you and I

♪ No it's not about luck

>> PHOR: [laughs]

Let's stop it.

[bleep] my life right now.

The minute we kissed,

I blacked out.

This is somebody I could

honestly see myself with.

>> ♪ Yeah yeah

♪ So let down your hair

♪ Baby set your mind at ease

>> PHOR: Okay it's a wrap.

>> ♪

>> NIKKI: Oh.

It looks dope.

>> And this girl could get me

in some serious trouble.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Nikki.