• Season 2, Ep 3

Ashley Is Suspicious of Don

When Ashley's friend stops by the house, she tells her about Don's shady behavior and her plan to figure out what's going on.

10/10/2016 · 2:21

>> Hey.

>> Hey.

>> Finally you come over.

>> I know, this is nice.

>> Thank you, thank you.

>> Yes, I like, I like.

What's going on, what's up?

>> ASHLEY: Nothing.

Just put D.J. down for a nap.

Candice has been my best friend

for over a year now.

And she the one that I turn to,

especially when [bleep] about to

get ugly.

I know she got my back.

>> What's been going on

with you?

>> [sighs]

I mean me and Don still having

our ups and downs.

>> Still?

>> ASHLEY: You know, he was

doing good at first.

He was coming home.

Everything was cool.

But his ass been at the shop for

three whole [bleep] days.

>> Ooh.

>> When I mean three days in

a row, I'm talking he called me

one drunk night about how he was

so drunk he couldn't get home.

And it's like really?

You have a whole family now.

You have a brand new house.

I'm your fiancée.

We are engaged to get married.

Like what type of man leaves the

house for three whole days?

>> Bitch, we might have to get

a van and some ski masks, girl,

and pull up and open the van up,

and throw his ass in there,


>> I'm having deja-vu 'cause

this feel like the old Don.

His behavior these last past

couple of days got me

questioning this whole


Like did I make the right


'Cause as much as I love Don

ass, he not doing right by

me or D.J.

You know what made it even


I go on Snapchat and I'm gonna

show you this picture because

it was disrespectful to me.

I don't give a damn if Don just

stood there.

You stood there and let her hug

on you.

>> Ooh.

>> ASHLEY: And laugh and joke.

Like what the [bleep] so funny?

Push this bitch back and tell

her to get away from you.

>> Bitch.

>> ASHLEY: That's disrespectful.

>> CANDICE: This is too much.

Real messy.

>> This is why I always [bleep]

go off on Don ass.

[bleep] got to be just tripping.

This bitch all over you for


You are [bleep] engaged man.

What the [bleep] you doing

this for?

He [bleep] this hoe before

we got engaged.

So having her ass hang all over

him in pictures, make me believe

that he has no respect for me.

And Don think that I won't

leave his ass.

I do wanna get married,

and I do wanna stay with Don

for the rest of my life.

But not under circumstances

like this.

>> You need to go there and

storm the whole [bleep]

building real quick.

>> I'm gonna get dressed, I'm

gonna get cute, and I'm gonna

show Don what your ass missing

at home.

Hey, Don.

>> Hey, Don, that's what we

gonna do.

They don't know what

they in for.

>> ASHLEY: No, they don't.