• Season 2, Ep 1

Ryan Calls For A Team Meeting

Tensions are high when Ryan sits down with the crew to discuss how the employees are neglecting to pay rent.

10/03/2016 · 2:39

>> Where was you all coming


>> We was upstairs chilling.

>> How's that?

>> Great, girl.

>> Yeah, it's nice. I saw it.

I like it.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm proud of you.

>> Thank you.

>> You're welcome.

>> ♪

>> What are you looking like

that for?

>> ♪

>> What's up, boss?

>> How are you all doing?

>> Why you acting all slow


>> RYAN: You all work today?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Hmm-mm.

>> RYAN: With everything going

on, I ain't really had no time

to talk to everybody about this

rent situation.

So I'm calling this meeting

because I really got some stuff

to say to 'em.

>> So what's the meeting about?

>> We did ran this whole

business with us being a family.

But it's like, you know what?

Literally since Van been gone,

[bleep] ain't been what it's

supposed to been.

Case in point.

Has the rent been paid?

>> First of all, it's never been

clear on what we needed to be


>> Come on with that bull

[bleep], man.

As the family that we were, when

Van leaves, do we pick up the


>> Ryan?

>> I'm talking to you and you.

>> We pick up the slack.

>> [indistinct yelling]

>> RYAN: That means Van's rent

by himself gets split into


Did it not?

>> I--it was never addressed to


>> Nothing was ever addressed to


That's the [bleep] problem.

Don't just expect that I owe you

some [bleep] without telling me.

>> That right there just

saying's that you don't care

about when the rent is due here.

And I step back and look it, I

was too nice, too lenient.

And this is the result of it.

What did you think it was?

We just up in here working,

making money, and the rent just

gonna get paid somehow?

>> I know I had to pay

something, I just didn't know

when you took care of it.

All I'm saying was just let me


I didn't ever get the word.

>> You knew--how do I have to

say it when you know it?

>> Look, whatever I need to

contribute, I get at.

I get it to--I'm gonna take full

responsibility and pick up my

pieces, because I'm still 9Mag

at the end of the day.

But, bro, no one ever stepped up

and said, "Hey, okay, this is

what's gonna happen."

>> If I'm a boss and my

employees owe me anything,

I'm gonna tell them that.

>> I don't care about what you

doing as a boss.

>> Ryan, you need to take a

business class.

If I have to pay something every

single month, then that needs to

be written and I need to sign.

Be a boss.

Ryan, you don't know how to


Own up to that.

Don't act like you just some


>> Katrina's just being so


And it's not cool.

Nobody said anything!

Everybody's here, "Ryan, [bleep]


>> Charmaine, relax, I'm talking

to Ryan.

You need to chill out.

Charmaine, seriously.

>> What the [bleep]?

Are you kidding me?

Are you here working?

No, I am.

>> Since when did you take this

job so seriously?

>> Are you kidding me?

>> What have you done for 9Mag,