• Season 2, Ep 2

Ryan Introduces Junior To The Shop

Ryan brings in accomplished artist, Junior Diaz, as a new member of the 9 Mag crew.

10/03/2016 ยท 3:08

>> CHARMAINE: I do work out.

>> [door alarm buzzes]

>> RYAN: Junior!

Junior's the new 9 Mag artist.

>> What?

>> RYAN: People don't wanna pay

the rent and Kat wanna tattoo

upstairs, so it's time to

bring in some...some new people.

I'm bringing in my homie,

Junior Diaz.

You know, he's a great artist

in Chicago.

Junior's cool as hell, man.

He'll fit right in with us

at 9 Mag.

>> Wait a minute, are y'all

serious, though?

>> Junior's the new 9 Mag


>> Are you kidding me right now?

Like this is the first time that

you've introduced a new artist

into the shop and you ain't said

[bleep] to nobody, Ryan?

That's shady as [bleep].

>> This is Charmaine.

>> Thank you.

>> Yeah! Congratulations.

Okay, Ryan, I see you make

a move, boy.

>> Danielle is our receptionist.

>> How's it going?


>> JUNIOR: A pleasure.

>> RYAN: This is Junior.

>> DANIELLE: Nobody's playing

fair right now and especially

not Charmaine or Ryan

and I don't [bleep] with that.

>> Take him back to his booth

and get him set up, please?

>> CHARMAINE: Kat's booth?

>> No, his booth.

>> JUNIOR: My booth, man.

Let's do it.

>> If I had known you were

coming, I would have cleaned it

up a little bit.

So, looks like this is

your new home.

>> Let's see it.

>> CHARMAINE: Man, I woulda got

this [bleep] out, though.

>> JUNIOR: It's all good.

It's all good.

My name's Junior Diaz.

I've been tattooing now for

about five years.

I do a lot of black

and gray work.

I do a lot of portrait work

and anything realistic.

I've won some awards--Top 10

Best Artists in Chicago.

There's a lot of competition

out there.

I plan on holding my name.

Either you can hop on or get

hopped over.

>> CHARMAINE: Let me just get

this extra [bleep] outta here.

>> All right. Thank you.

>> CHARMAINE: No, let me get

this out.

Sorry if you see my butt.

I don't have no panties on.

>> JUNIOR: [laughs] You're good.

>> CHARMAINE: [laughs]

Hell, nah, I don't mind cleaning

out Katrina's booth.

I totally understand why Ryan

would bring another artist

into the shop.

We're a business, not a charity

foundation and, hey, I don't

mind for another little cutie

being around.

Hey, Junior.

All right, well, let me know

what you need...

>> All right, cool.

>> ...Junior.

>> JUNIOR: [laughs]

>> All right.

>> So, we're all just really

excited that we've got a new

[bleep] takin' over her booth.

>> Whose booth?

>> Katrina's booth.

>> What's the last thing you

heard her say when she was

walking out?

>> KAT: I don't have to [bleep]

in here.

How about I move upstairs

and whoever else you get comin'

in here can have that.

>> DANIELLE: But I know Kat

still wants to be here.

But you don't feel like you

should just talk to her before


>> Talk to her?

Listen, this is a business.

She has her place upstairs.

She'd rather pay the rent up

there than pay the rent down

here and she said [bleep] that

[bleep] in that booth.

>> This is Katrina's booth,

She's been 9 Mag since day one,

and I'm not okay with this.

>> And she walked out.

>> Hey, that's not fair...

that's not fair to Ryan.

Ryan has always looked at us

as family, so, the fact that

he has to transition to talk

about money and rent,

I know it's not easy.

I didn't pay my rent, but I got

that [bleep] squared away

and I feel like Kat is so

focused on herself that what

other choice does Ryan have

besides look for another artist?

>> This is just me making the

next move as opposed to just

sitting around waiting to see if

Kat wanna come back down here

and an empty booth that ain't

gettin' paid for.