• Season 2, Ep 1

Danielle Discovers That Don Has Another Child

While accompanying Charmaine to her photoshoot Danielle sees a photo online claiming that Don has a child with another woman.

10/03/2016 · 3:33

>> ♪

>> Give me beauty right there.

Let me see.

Now give me sexy.


Now give me sophisticated.

Now give me boss.

>> My manager's salary at 9Mag

cannot support my lavish


I mean, I need to get my hair

did, get my [bleep] waxed.

I like to get my [bleep] waxed,

too, and [bleep] expensive.

I'm praying that this shoot, you

know, will help me take off,


Everyone in Chicago knows about


And being a fine-ass manager

definitely has its perks,

because everyone wants me in

their magazine.

So I booked this sexy lingerie

shoot to get some extra coin.

>> ♪

>> Ooooh!

Oh my God!

>> What you think, girl?

>> DANIELLE: I love it.

But I've seen you naked a few


I have never seen you look like


Any other time, Charmaine be

like, "Oh, I'm Beyoncé," I'm

like, "Bitch, please."

But today, she be Beyoncé.

>> I am ready.

>> JASON: All right,

let's do it. Here we go.

>> ♪ Damn, damn

♪ And I do what I do

♪ 'Cause I do it so good

♪ Ain't worried about no

♪ Let's get that understood

♪ Say what

>> Straight towards towards me.


Perfect. Work that face.

>> I used to work a boring,

traditional 9 to 5.

I wasn't being challenged.

I felt like I was a slave.

I just wasn't happy.


>> I try.

So I quit my job to work for


And Ryan offered me an

opportunity to help him build

his brand.

And now I have the confidence to

do modeling gigs and other

talent gigs.

>> ♪ Wherever I go

♪ You know

♪ I get on that flow

♪ And get low

>> But no matter what I have

going on with my side hustles, I

will always be loyal to Ryan and


Unlike some people.

>> ♪

>> It's the new you right here.

>> ♪ Turnt up

♪ Turnt up

>> Whoa.

Amazing, amazing.

>> DANIELLE: I'm freaking out

right now.

I'm not trying to interrupt

Charmaine's positive energy, but

I got this crazy-ass text.

And she is going to flip.

You're gonna freak out.

>> What?

>> Are you ready for this?

A friend just texted me this

screenshot from some woman's


Look at this.

>> Who is that?

Is this Don's niece?

>> Uh, wait, no, let's read the


"Look at me...now look at him.

"Why not acknowledge someone so


Not only is this woman claiming

that this is your baby, but

according to the picture, this

baby's much younger than DJ.

So it's like, Damn, Don, like

Charmaine's not the only one

that you cheated on Ashley


This is literally his [bleep]


>> Girl, shut the [bleep] up.

This is his twin.

>> DANIELLE: Yeah, exactly.

>> I don't know if it's true,

but we ain't gotta call Maury,

because look just like you.

>> Girl.

>> He's not claiming the baby

because of Ashley.

Ashley obviously doesn't know.

>> Oh, you already know Ashley

doesn't know.

Don never owns his [bleep].

>> So what's going on with you

and her?

>> She ain't nothing to me.

>> Did you [bleep] Charmaine?

>> Nah.

>> DANIELLE: Seeing this post

and then the fact that it

disappeared from Instagram, he's

definitely handling his business

on the low.

>> He wanna sit there and talk

about how he loved his girl and

all this [bleep], bitch, please.

>> And how you're the issue.

>> And [bleep] you're the issue.

>> ♪

>> At this point, I don't put

anything past Don.