• Season 2, Ep 6 · Bonus

Erin Sees Nurse Jamie

Erin goes to her lip injection appointment with Nurse Jamie, only to find that another doctor will be doing the procedure.

07/27/2016 · 1:14


All right.

Hi.Hey, how are you?

Hi, Sara,what is going on?

Oh, it's-- I'm Erin.

Oh, Erin, hey, hey.Yeah.

How are you?

I'm good,I'm a little nervous.

I've never, I've neverdone anything

to my lips before, um...

I can see, yeah.

Oh, um, but everyonesays that, like,

Nurse Jamie is the personto go to, celebrities and...

Actually, though, um,I am booked with someone.

So, you're withNurse Ithamar, so...

I was toldI had Nurse Jamie.

Yeah, yeah, I know,I'm really booked today, but...


But you're reallygonna benefit from it.

I think you're gonnalike it, so...

Okay, oh, well,the eyes are fine, I mean...

Yeah, yeah.No one's mentioned anythingabout that yet today.

But are you sureyou can't do it?

'Cause everyone's, like,"Nurse Jamie's the oneto go to."

Oh, yeah, yeah,I know,

I'm famousfor not bruising people,

but it's gonna be awesome.

And Ithamar is great.Okay.

So, um, take care.Thank you.

Good to see you.

Um, one more thing,quickly.Yeah.

I just wanted to runthis story by you.Okay.

Um, okay, do you thinkit's funny, um, that, like,

there was this time where, um,I ran into John Mayer, right?

And, I'm, like, he's, like,"Do you know where...?"

And I, like, gave himdirections.

Um, yeah, um,I've got two seconds.

And he's gonna beright there.Okay.

Well, the story's,like, almost ended.

I love it, I love it,it's awesome.

He got-- he got to wherehe was gonna go, so...