• Season 2, Ep 6

Erin's Lip Injection Gone Wrong

Per Sara's suggestion, Erin goes for lip injections and has a terrible experience.

07/27/2016 ยท 1:29

John Mayer was, like, oh,

do you know howto get to the Magic Castle?

And I was able to, like, tellhim how to get there without

even looking it up, you know?

Okay, so then,he got there, early.

And then?

That was the punch line.He got there early.

He thought hewas gonna be late.

Sorry, you'renot getting it.

Um, okay.It's really funny.

I'm gonna have you tilt yourhead so we can...

Okay, but do you think that itwould be funnier if I just swap

out a different celebrity?

What if it wasCate Blanchett?

Wait, is she the one--

Okay, you don'tknow anything.

All right, I'm just gonnatilt your head here...

Okay, but...Mhm.

I don't think you're, like,getting the tone,

'cause I'm just not fully...

Oh, what if you usea different tone?

Like a different accent?

That doesn'tmake any sense.

I don't thinkyou understand comedy.

(high pitched voice)John Mayer!

I don't get that.

Okay, just tiltyour head, please.

Wait, but the partof the story--

(both gasp)

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

Oh, my God, Oh, my God,Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

You just stabbed mein the face!

Okay, well, I keptasking you to tilt your head.

Okay, but I'mthe patient!

No need to panic, okay?

You're gonna getan edema, okay?

Okay, what the (bleep)is an edema?

Uh, your--Your lips are gonna swell.

Okay, well, I need them to notbe swollen because I'm going on

my ex-boyfriend's talk showtonight and he's gonna see me

like this and it's--I can't have that.

Who's your ex-boyfriend?

Oh, my God, I can't,I can't, I can't.

Just fix my mouth.Fix my mouth!I-I-I...

I can get you some ice,how about that?

Some ice?Great, great.

Here you go.

Nice and cool.

Thank you.Okay, just put that...

I will be right back,just remember, your fault,

don't tell Nurse Jamie.