• Season 2, Ep 6

Sara and Erin Are In Serious Trouble

Why are the Foster sisters in police custody? Tune in Wednesday, July 27th + 11/10c only on VH1 to find out!

07/20/2016 · 0:52


(Erin snoring)

I'm on businessin Ibiza. What?

Time to wake up,sleeping beauty.

What's going on?

(Sara)I may be alittle confused here.

You realize you're in serioustrouble right now, right?

Who--You do realize that?

I--We are the police, ma'am.

They're the police.The real ones?

Yes, Erin, we're in jail.(both officers)The real ones.

Somebody did something wrong.

Who did it?

You did.(Sara)Okay, shhh.

We want to know why.

(officer 1)Mhm.

And moredetails right now.

I am very confused, and I thinkthis has just been, like, one

big total misunderstanding.

I think I knowwhat happened.


We don't do jury duty.