• Season 2, Ep 5 · Bonus

Erin Interviews With The Producer Of A Dating Show

Erin tries to sell herself as the perfect reality show contestant.

07/20/2016 · 2:18

Hi.Hey, have a,have a seat.

Hi, nice to meet you,I'm Erin.

Nice to meet you.Foster... Erin Foster.

Nice to meet you,Erin Foster, um...

Hi.Thanks for coming in.

Thank you so much forfitting me in the last minute.

I ask this of everybody,just start simple.

Uh, what do you do for fun?

I like to cook.I like to, um...

What are you writing there?

I'm writing downthat you like to cook.

Oh, okay, sorry,I like to know

if you were like,oh, what is-- you know...

Do you not like to cook?

No, no, I--no, I-- okay, I don't cook.

I don't even know whyI said that, like...

It's okay, there's no--I swear, you don't have to cook.


So, you're lookingfor your Prince Charming.

I am.So, tell me about yourPrince Charmings past.

Tell me about yourrelationship history.

Oh, um... it's just sort of,like, normal stuff, you know?

Just sort of, like...

In relationships and then you,like, break up and then...

You know, probably it's,like, hard to stay friends

when you sleep withsomeone's best friend.

(chuckles)Wow, tell me about that.

Um, I didn't do that, oh,my God, like, he did that.

Okay, I know whatyou're doing there.

You're trying to, like,see if I'm gonna be, like,

"This ex tried to kill me."

And, like, "I punchedthis bitch in the face."

I know it's, like, a dating showthing, and you want,

like, lunatics, but, like,I'm not a lunatic.

But I'm alsogreat for the show.

But, I'm great for the show.

Honestly, like, just between youand I, like, in a direct level.Mm-hmm.

Because, like, he andI are meant to be together.

You know, like,that's what you're--Oh, okay.

I'm just, like, need youto know that, that, like...

I have, like, met him...like spiritually.

He's literallymy perfect person.


I'm not supposed to tell youthat, but, like,

I promise you,if you put me on the show,

that, like, you're--

I'm gonna be thereand you're gonna be, like,

"Oh, his wife's here.

"Oh, hi, wife.

"Prince Charming'swife just showed up

and, like, everyoneelse can go home."

This is definitelyyour Prince Charming.

100%, this person and I are,like, meant to be together.

Like, he's literallymy perfect match.

That's, that's,that's terrific.

I know girls are always sayingthat, but I'm telling you, like,

I'm telling you, like,I have an inside track.

Okay.But I'm not saying thatfrom a crazy place.

I get that.You know that feeling?

No, but I get that.You don't?

No, but I get that you...Oh!

That you get that, that, yeah.Yeah.

I think we have enough.

Thank you for your time.Really?

Yeah, oh, yeah,oh, yeah, thank you.

Oh, okay, that was so easy.Thank you, that...

Thank you so much.No, thank you.

Thank you guys so much,Erin Foster, Erin Foster.

Thank you, okay.

Thank you.I think that was really good.

Thank you.Still see you.

Okay, gotta go.Yeah.

Oh, yeah, she's crazy.

She's perfect.