• Season 2, Ep 5

Sara and Kate Upton Hit the Road

Sara goes on a long car ride with Kate Upton hoping for some bonding time, but is disgruntled when Kate uses this as an opportunity to finish her errands.

07/20/2016 ยท 2:09

Thank you so much forcoming and picking me up.

I really appreciate it.

I hope it wasn'ttoo out of your way.

Oh, no, of course!

I'm just happy to be ableto spend the day with you.

I have a lot of fake friends,but I know it, you know?

I'm very in tune when,you know,

someone is just looking to,like, pose for a picture

with me for Us Weeklyor something, you know.

I don't have any fake friends.

But the thing--'cause you're not a celebrity.

Um, but the thingwith Kate Upton

is that we are real friends.

I feel like on set,we haven't had time,

'cause everyone, like,wants something from me

and they want somethingfrom you, it's so--

It's nice to be ableto have a long car ride.

Yes, and like lunch,and we can shop.

Maybe we canhit up Robertson?

Oh, actually,if you don't mind

if we just stop and doa couple errands

before we go to lunch?

Fine!It's on the way

and I just figured,you know.Yeah.

Thank you so much.

Um, no problem.All right, lunch.

If you don't mind, could wejust stop by the bank?

Hey, that's fine, sure.I feel bad.

No, no, it's good.I have all day.

I mean, I just like...

Great.I canceled everything.

I had, like, a photo shoot,I had, um... meetings.

Oh, you model!

I didn't even knowthat you were a model,

that's so cool.

All right!

Okay, I just havethree more things to do.

Thanks, oh, my God,that line was insane.

I feel like you and I,we are like the new, like,

Amy Schumer,Jennifer Lawrence.

Doing activitieshelps us to bond.

For our characters.Right.

Are you gonna... are yougonna sit in the back?


Oh, I-- I'm just-- I'm so usedto having a driver.


I'm so hungry.Oh, sorry,

I just need to finishthis email, sorry 'bout that.

Just let me knowwhen you're doneYeah.

doing your emailand then I'll--No, yeah, of course.

Yeah, yeah, okay, cool.

Ugh, I really needa coffee, let's stop.

Do you mind grabbing mea skinny-free vanilla latte

with almond milk?

You don't wannago in with me?

There's just a lotof people there.

Oh, like paparazzi?


Oh... okay.

Oh, my gosh.

It's been so fun.So fun.

The best day ever.