• Season 2, Ep 6

Sara Gets Chased By The Cops

Sara is oblivious to the fact that the swarm of police cars on the freeway are after her.

07/27/2016 ยท 1:20

Ow, Jesus.

What is that?What is that?

Oh, my God.It's an Amber alert.

Is that Sara's car?

(Sara)You know, Finn, you have morein common than you think.

You both have twovery famous

and very attractive mommies.

Also, you know that really funparty your mom always has?

You should say to her, um,how is Sara never invited

to that party?

It's not a party without Sara.

You talk a lot.

(sirens wailing)

Oh, my God, somethingis happening here.

Is that a fire truck?

I wonder wherethey're going.

Don't worry,kids, it's just--

It's the-- It's the good guysgetting the bad guys.

I mean, we live in L.A.

There's a lotof psychos around here.

A lot of loons.

Thank God for the police,

keeping us sane people safe.(sirens getting louder)

Sounds like they'regetting closer.

Oh, my God,what are they doing?

Somebody must have donesomething really bad.

Dude, get off my tail.

Guys, go around!Go around!

These are the worst cops ever.

Go around!Jesus.

Oh, my God, this is crazy.I feel like the--

It's almost like they'refollowing me or something.