• Season 2, Ep 4 · Bonus

Erin Creeps On Ben's Office

Erin makes her run-in with Ben look like a coincidence.

07/13/2016 · 1:34

Ben!Oh, my God!

Wait, Ben, you workin this building?

(gasps)Where did youcome from, Ben?

Oh-- Okay.Ben, this is--

Hey, oh, my God.Two times in one week.

Wait, this is so weird.This is crazy.What are you doing here?

I don't-- What areyou doing here?Well, I work here.

You work here?Yeah, this ismy building.

Wait, that's so weird.My lawyer works this office.

Juan Dominguez,the accidentes lawyer?

Uh...It's the only one...

Like Goldman--Something Goldman?

Goldman,Mr. Goldman?

Yeah, I don't knoweveryone in there.

It's on a bigoffice, I think.

Okay, I like the sweater,by the way, it's great.Oh, my God.

It's my favoritecolor, blue.It is?

Yeah,I'm pretty simple.

Oh, my God,that's so cool.

Oh, my God, you know what?We should take a photoand send it to my dad.

He'd love that.Oh, my God!(gasps)You know what?

I actually really wanted--Come on, get in,get close.

Oh, you are soft.Oh, thank you, well, we cantake a picture together.

Is that lanolin?Yeah, is so---So cute.


Send that to me,please.

We look great.Was it cute?

Isn't that cute?We look amazing together.Oh, my God.

(phone ringing)

Oh, sorry, I gotta--Sure.

Doing a case right now.Hello?


What the hell was he doingcrossfit for?

The man hasn't exercisedone day in his life.

He's 78 years old,why's he doing cross--?

My dad's gota heart attack.Oh, my God.

I gotta--Excuse me.

Why was he powerlifting?


Okay, Erin,nicely done.

Ben does kindaneed me, though.

I don't know, no, I shouldjust give him some space.