• Season 2, Ep 4 · Bonus

The Nanny Steals Sara's Spotlight

Sara’s publicity stunt backfires when the paparazzi take the nanny’s side.

07/13/2016 · 1:42

(Abbey)Everyone's here,ready to go.

Okay, and tonsof paparazzi?Tons.

Okay...How do I look?

Amazing.Oh, God!

I mean,"Dancing With The Stars,"

they want a sob story.Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna give them...A show.

(whispering)A show.

Really, I am really upset.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.Of course you are.

Well, your husband had sexwith another woman...

Shh!Abbey, be quiet.

You ready?Yep, let's do it.

Okay.Let's do it.

(shutters clicking)

Abbey, go inside.


I am so devastated...

by what has occurredin my household.

You guys cannot imaginewhat me and my children

have been going through.

I'm just so devastated!

You seem--And it's--

You seem fine.No, no, no, no,no, no, no.

(clears throat)

I am very sad.


Hey, it's the nanny!

(shutters clicking)

Hey, Patty, how ya feelin'?What's goin' on?

Talk to us!

Sara...I am so sorry.

(Patty)I just came to getthe rest of my things.

And I just want to say,

I miss the kids so much,

and I feelreally awful.(popcorn crunching)

I'm sorry.

Wow, that's such... raw emotion.(scoffing)

You're gonna buy this?I just...

I kinda started to feel likeI was their mother, and...


And I just...I feel really awful.

Go inside.

(popcorn crunching)

(man)Who are you wearing?

Goodwill.Oh, it looks great.

(shutters clicking)

(Sara)Are you kidding me?

What the (bleep)?