• Season 2, Ep 6 · Bonus

Erin’s Boring Stories

Erin has nothing interesting to say for her talk show appearance.

07/27/2016 · 1:44


(Erin)Okay, so, then, like...

So, then they give methe salad, and I was, like,

okay, I, I've ordered thisthree times,

and I'm telling youI'm gluten-free.

And, like, you keep bringing mea salad with croutons.

And then it turned outthat it was

Pauly Shore's saladthat I kept getting.

Hello? Yeah, no, that's not gonna work.

Can you think of something better,

pretty much anything else?

Um... are you sure?

Yes, you know what?Because I think, 'cause, uh...

Yes, she will havesomething else.

This girl's got the stuff, okay?

Uh-huh.We'll talk to you later.

Bye.Hear the story againin your head.

Sometimes it gets better.

What-- what was that?I don't know.

Nobody wants to hear about awhite girl eating salad, okay?

What else you got?

I have a storyabout how I learned

how to squeegee myshower doors from my mom.Next?

Oh, about when I gaveJohn Mayer directions.Nope.

And he got to wherehe wanted to go.

That's not a story,it's an anecdote at best.

When I got that freediscount at the frame store?

And I used it.

My housekeepershrunk my jeans.

Hell, no.

I thought, though,that I was fat for a second

till I realized...

Oh, the story's abouthow you weren't fat?

Do they ever, like, tell youthe story that you should tell?

No, it's supposedto be... personal.

But do they have a personalstory about me they wanna tell?

No one knows who you are.

Oh, my God,I'm freaking out.


Okay, just relax, okay?

No, I'm going on the showin two hours.

And you--I don't have a story.

You have it.The story is in you.No, I actually don't--

I actually don't thinkit's in me anymore.It's hilarious.

No, you know how people,like, lose their mojo?

It, like, just left me.

There was, like,a movie about this.

Oh, my God,I'm not funny anymore.Okay.

Oh, my God.You need to relax.

Did I get prettier?'Cause I'm less funny.

You did not.

Um, you should relax, though.

Okay, if you just relax...

I'm either having a panicattack or about to throw up.