• Season 2, Ep 4 · Bonus

Phor In The Studio

Nikki and her friends come by the studio to hang out with Phor while he’s recording.

10/17/2016 · 1:14

>> ♪ And I say the [bleep]

♪ That they can't say

♪ But don't make it do to you

♪ You know I do it

♪ Do it

♪ Don't let me do it to you

♪ I don't wanna do it to you

♪ Don't let me do it to you

♪ Do it, oh, oh

Let me hear that, I think that

might have been right.

Damn, T, you weren't gonna

tell me?

What up, y'all?

I invited my home girl Nikki and

her friends to come through and

chill with me at the studio.

The more the merrier.

Where you all coming from?

>> Nikki wanted to go out, so we

just like pit stop real quick.

>> You all still going somewhere


>> You wanna go out with us?

>> I got a curfew.

>> [laughs]

>> What's your curfew?

>> My mama tell me I gotta be in

by 10.

>> NIKKI: You gotta tell mama,

you know, Nikki's gonna have you

out all night.

I just want you to say yes


>> I'm sure we could make it


And with that said, I'm fitting

to play my song.

I'm working on my first album.

But it's hard to keep balance

between music and Nikki.

But, yeah, I will do a text for


You know what I mean?

And we chill later.

Whatever you wanna do.

I ain't tripping you.

>> [unintelligible]

>> That's cool.

>> ♪ No one can do it you

♪ Don't let me do it to you

♪ You know I do it

♪ Don't let me do it to you ♪