• Season 2, Ep 3 · Bonus

Kat Gets A New Couch

Kat marks her territory in her new studio upstairs by purchasing a glamorous couch.

10/10/2016 · 1:59

>> KAT: Girl, I'm so excited

for my new couch to get here.

It screams "Kat Tat."

>> DANIELLE: So, what are you

gonna do with this one?

>> KAT: Uh...

>> Trash it? [laughs]

>> You need a couch?

>> Donate it, right? Downstairs.

>> Aren't you and Terrence about

to move, girl?

>> Yeah, like it's crazy 'cause

I've known him since high

school, so, I thought I knew

everything about him.

>> Right.

>> But he's kind of crazy,

like super anal.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

Terrence is a little packing


God forbid you mix the bathroom

shit with the kitchen shit.

That's grounds for

World War III.

This is nice.

So, you think you'll just be up

here like for tatting and...

>> Yeah.

>> ...painting and everything?

>> Mm-hm, definitely.

>> Wow, have you talked to Ryan

at all lately?

>> Unh-unh.

>> No? Wow.

>> He hasn't reached out and...

it's whatever.

There's just too much drama

down there.

I have to really, really, really

focus on not letting all that

[bleep] distract me from the

bigger picture.

But, yeah, girl, just movin'

on up.

>> Literally. [laughs]

>> Yeah.

>> [door rattling]

>> Are those the couch people?

>> I hope so.

>> MAN: Hi, Kat?

>> Yes.

>> MAN: Hi, uh, we've got

a couch here for ya.

Where do you want it?

>> Oh, my gosh, this is perfect.

>> Okay, wait, wait.

Danielle, come help me move


>> Okay, two skinny bitches

trying to move a couch out of

the way.

>> Right.

KAT: I'm getting a new couch

because, you know, to me it

feels like everything in my art

studio is getting kinda


I'm feeling like this might be

my new location, so, and it made

"Kat Tat" go off.

Oh, my gosh.

>> It's beautiful.

>> Yes!

>> This is really nice, girl.

>> Thank you.

>> I ain't never seen no tattoo

shop with a chandelier and

a Queen Victoria couch.

>> KAT: [laughs]

Thank you.

>> MAN: Here's your copy,

if you need something else.

>> KAT: Yes, I'm just so happy.

It's big.

>> I know. [laughs]

>> KAT: Yeah, I love it, girl.