• Season 2, Ep 3 · Bonus

Van’s Girlfriend Jen Expresses Her Concern

Jen tries to talk out some of the issues surfacing from Van’s incarceration and current house arrest.

10/10/2016 · 2:05

>> Babe.

So, how are you feelin' today?

Are you still feelin' like

you locked in?

>> Yeah, that's not gonna change

until I get this damn

[bleep] off.

>> I just don't want you to feel

like you're still in jail.

>> VAN: Jen is my girlfriend

and we've been together for

six years, an off and on


She's a really sweet girl

and she's been there for me.

But I'm on a 90-day period

of mental house arrest.

I did my [bleep] time already

and I'm still sittin' here,

you know what I'm saying,

confined to a home I can't even

[bleep] leave out of.

I'm like a [bleep] animal.

>> We haven't seen each other

for four months, you know?

And I feel like this at least

should be the time where we

kinda get back in tune with

each other and I kinda feel

like I'm being a little dissed

here and I'm just not really

understanding kinda where

that's coming from.

>> At the end of the day,

Jennifer, you've got your

[bleep] freedom, I don't.

You can get up, you can go

to work, you can go [bleep] make

your money and you can [bleep]

go party, drink, do what

the [bleep], too.

How you think that makes me feel

as a man?

You know the man you're with.

You know the man who you fell

in love with.

It ain't this [bleep].

I'm sittin' down doin' nothin'

all [bleep] day.

I ain't used to this.

So, yeah, I'm pissed off.

I'm allowed to be that way, too,

I feel.

>> Who put you in this place?

>> You have the [bleep] nerve

to sit up here and tell me I...

I put myself in this type of


>> No, I'm just saying, you have

to also take accountability for

your actions is what I'm

talking about.

>> [applauding]

>> I've been waiting for you

to come home.

Oh, clap, right?

>> Thank you. Fine. Cool.

>> I would think that you would

be a little bit happier about

being home is all I'm trying

to say.

>> But I'm sittin' up here

[bleep] minding my own business.

I'm sittin' on my phone.

>> So?

>> You don't walk up in my house

and [bleep] talk to me.

>> I'm tired of you just sittin'

on the couch on your phone.

>> All right, I'll sit on

the porch.

>> [slams door]

>> Can't wait to get the [bleep]

up outta here.