• Season 2, Ep 4

Ryan Introduces Cobra To The Shop

The crew meets Cobra, the new tattoo artist, prompting Van to angrily storm out of the shop.

10/17/2016 · 1:47

>> Hey.

>> Hi.

>> ♪

>> How you doing?

>> What's up, doll?

This is Cobra.

Cobra, Phor, Charmaine,

Danielle, and Van.

>> Charmaine, nice to meet you.

>> COBRA: Charmaine, oh, you're

so beautiful.

>> RYAN: Van, this is Cobra.

>> How're you doing?

So what you getting done?

Are you getting--

>> So I got a little bit of a

surprise for you all.

Cobra's another artist that, uh,

I want to introduce into 9Mag.

>> ♪

>> Seriously, Ryan?

You ain't learn your lesson

after you brought Junior Diaz


>> Now, the irony, her real name

is Kat.

>> Katherine with a K.

Kat with a K, yes.

>> We can't get rid of Kat like

no matter what we do.

>> ♪

>> Check that out.

>> There go one that just walked

out, you know what I'm saying?

Whoever feel else they gotta do

that [bleep], too, man, I can't

say nothing about it.

>> PHOR: Ryan is going a little

too far.

Losing Van from the shop is like

losing the heart of 9Mag.

>> For all I know, Ryan's on the

phone right now with another

artist, "Hey, come check

"out--come check out 9Mag, you

"know what I'm saying, I got a

"booth open, available.

And can you pay this rent?"

Come on, now, we built 9Mag

with him, with Kat.

You know what I'm saying?

Kat gone.

Like her booth being replaced.

>> That's not right.

It's some straight-up bull


Now I get where Van is coming


And I'm having a hard time

trying to find a way to defend

Ryan in all this.

>> You gone.

I'm gone.

I will be replaced, too.

Ryan is set up here [bleep] turn

9Mag into a dictatorship.

He must think that just because

I love 9Mag so much that you can

just treat me like a little


Wrong, mother [bleep].


>> ♪