• Season 2, Ep 4 · Bonus

Phor and Don Go Boxing

Phor helps Don relieve some of his stress at the gym.

10/17/2016 · 1:54

>> ♪

♪ It's game time

♪ Oh, oh, oh my

♪ [unintelligible]

♪ You little cutie pie

♪ Got me feeling

♪ Like an add-in

♪ Picturing the way

♪ I could freak that grab

♪ And I think about it all

♪ Through the night

♪ Like Gladys


>> What's up?

>> [bleep].

>> How you been?

>> We gotta touch gloves first.

>> I know my brother's

definitely going through a lot

right now, and he's stressed


So we gonna do something he

loves to do.

Hit the gym and go boxing.

>> ♪

>> [laughing]

My brother's very

talented in life.

You know, on the artistic side,

he's way up here, man.

But on the athletic side, that

[bleep] is shaky as hell.

Your ass [unintelligible].

This ain't boxing.

I'm so glad he's rap and he


I swear to God.

>> I just came up here, man, to

talk some [bleep] with you, man.

What's all been going on at the


>> I'm stressed as hell, bro.

>> You know what I mean, I could

only imagine being in your

shoes, man.

>> 'Cause I don't know how to

approach Whitney about it.

I damn for sure don't even know

how to present this shit to

Ashley in anyway that's not

gonna deter her from what we've

been focused on and break her

spirit about what we--you know

what I'm saying--envisioned

together, bro.

>> I just wanna make sure you

tell Ashley before it gets back

to her from somebody else.

You know what I'm saying?

First person she wanna hear it

from is you.

I mean, Ashley a strong woman.

You a strong man, bro.

She's gonna be there.

>> Well, honestly, bro, I'm

just--you know, I'm pissed,

'cause like I don't know what's


I don't know if Ashley gonna be


You know what I mean?

And on top of that, you know,

Whitney not gonna make this


I'm completely feeling


I know that I have to go home

and talk to my woman about these

paternity results.

But my heart and my body won't

let me, because I honestly feel

guilty in the way I went about

this entire situation.

>> ♪♪