• Season 2, Ep 4

Kat Stars In King Louie's Latest Video

Kat picks up on flirty vibes from King Louie during his video shoot.

10/17/2016 · 2:32

>> We're gonna set up.

We have you in the, um,

wheelchair, we're gonna have her

on the stool.

We're gonna do three different


And then after that, we're just

gonna knock out a bunch more


>> Hey, Kat.

>> How are you?

>> KAT: King Louie is a rapper

and a kingpin in the Chicago

music scene.

I just tatted Lou a few weeks


>> She's beautiful.

Just like you, Kat.

>> And he wanted a fly-ass

female to tattoo him in his

video for his latest single.

So I know he had to call me.

So should I change now?

>> Si, senorita.

She's so [unintelligible].

>> She look like one of them



I love me some emojis.

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> ♪ Shorty put the whip

♪ In my crème ♪

♪ You know what I mean

♪ Busy looking

>> All right, all right.

>> Ready?

>> What do you think? Cool?

>> ♪

>> Yeah, I know we said

sweatpants, but now--

>> [laughing]

I can't come to my first music

video in no sweatpants, okay?

I gotta turn all the way up.

>> Yeah, you lookin'--you

lookin' real nice and spicy,


>> Uh, I'm ready whenever you

guys are.

>> [laughing]

>> Lou and I have always been

real cool.

But now I'm starting to get the

feeling that he might be

flirting with me a little bit.


This is my first music video


I'm glad I'm tattooing it,

though, and not shaking ass.

You know?

>> Yeah, we definitely gotta

keep it classy.

But like eye candy, so I want

you in the video so I can just

look at you when you ain't


>> [laughs]

>> Cue the music.

>> ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Tone, tone, tone

♪ I want a new dance

♪ I want [bleep]

♪ [bleep] snakes sneak

>> I definitely feel a little

awkward playing the little sexy


You know, I'm not a video ho.

But I'm trying to expand Kat


So if I gotta put on a little

sexy walk and do it, then let's

do it.

>> ♪ [unintelligible]

♪ Two way

♪ Hey, G

♪ It's a hit

♪ Two way

>> The more I push myself, the

more I learn what I'm really

capable of.

I mean, I've done magazine


Now, I've done music videos.

And I'm an accomplished business


>> ♪ Got some money

♪ On the rapper

♪ Hang with

>> All right, press mute.

All right, that's a wrap.

>> I did it.

My first music video.

I'm officially a vixen!

>> ♪