• Season 2, Ep 4

Ashley Knows About Don's Other Child

The mother of Don's secret child texted Ashley the news and she does not take the news lightly.

10/17/2016 · 2:37

>> DON: I haven't seen Ashley

since we had a fight at

Danielle's party.

You know, I've had time to

process that I have another


I realize that I just need to

come clean with Ashley.

She means the world to me.

And this is not something that I

like to be dishonest about.

What's up?

>> ♪

>> We need to talk.

>> [sighs]

What the [bleep] is this, Don?

Why the [bleep] am I getting a

message, "I got the paternity

"test results back.

"Your man is my daughter's


>> What the [bleep] is my baby

mother Whitney doing sending her

this [bleep]?

I told Whitney the results to

get her off my back.

And she decides that she gonna

take it upon herself to try to

continue to [bleep] up my


>> So you wasn't gonna me that

that was my daughter?

>> DON: I'm sorry.

>> So that's your daughter, Don?

You have another [bleep] child

with another woman!

This is what you do to me?

You cheat me on and make [bleep]

kids on me?

That's your [bleep] daughter!

Don has a daughter with another


A daughter that's younger than

our son, DJ.

I'm speechless.

After everything we've been

through, really?

How the [bleep] you let

something like this happen?

You had a mother [bleep] baby on


>> DON: Ashley.

>> ASHLEY: [bleep] you!

>> ♪

>> [baby crying]

>> ♪ I see

♪ All I care to see

>> [sobbing]

>> ♪ Of this world

♪ That has no more for me

>> I'm devastated, I'm


I have done everything to be the

best, loyal woman that I can to

stay by Don's side.

But he constantly continue to

keep hurting me over and over


>> ♪ I need the calm

♪ Forgiving peace

♪ That only comes

♪ From my family

>> I thought I had my whole

future planned out.

I saw me, Don, and DJ live a

happily ever after.

But everything I fought for is

just slipping away.

>> ♪ I'm going home


>> ♪