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The Game: Basketball Wives LA Season 5 + Why Watch

It's game time! See what the new ladies, Angel Love and Duffey, have to say about Season 5. Basketball Wives LA premieres Sunday, July 17th + 9/8c on VH1!

07/12/2016 · 5:00

NARRATOR: Ladies andgentlemen, the introduction of

this season's starting lineup.

Jackie Christie.

Tami Roman.

DJ Duffey.

Last but not least, Angel Love.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

VH1 welcomes you toSeason 5 of "Basketball

Wives LA," for thematch-up between Team

Rookies and Team Vets.

Let's go get 'em.

It's time to getout of your seats.

It's game time.

We're back.

Now, in case youforgot, we left off

last season with people beinghanded their walking papers.

I wasn't one of them.

Shaunie O'Neal said, thankyou for your services.

I felt like, yes, Shaunie,give them walking papers, girl.

Tell these girls to hit it.

Ha ha ha ha.

Jackie is still on the show.

I'm Queen Bee.

I've been here from day one.

I've carried theshow on my shoulders.

Well, we have two newgirls this time around,

Duffey and Angel Love.

Hopefully it worksout, but you know,

we don't alwaysget what we want.

Watch, look, and learn.

My name's Angel Love.

I'm from New Orleans.

And I'm in my 20s.

I have three college degrees.

I'm a registered nurse.

And I'm dating DeJuan Blair.

He plays for Washington.

And I definitely didn'tcome into this thinking

it would be easy.

But I didn't think itwould be as hard as it is.

This season of "BasketballWives" is going to be epic.


Because I'm on there.

I'm DJ Duffey, alsoknown as Duffey.

I'm from Dallas, Texas.

And I am 26 years old.

I've made a name for myselfas one of the top female DJs

in the hip hop game.

I am engaged to one ofthe best sports agents.

And I mean, I'm justall around [bleep].

This season of basketballwives is going to be petty,

childish, and hot ass mess.

Is that an adjective?

I do know.

Can we skip that?

These new girls aren'tready to get into this game.

This season, everybodyis facing the music.

Everybody's coming on,showing who they truly are.

The game is real.

What annoys me the mostwith the other women

is I feel like everybody thinksthat you're out to get them.

Everyone's on edge andnobody trusts anybody.

Now that I've had some timeto spend with the girls of LA,

I'm still trying to findmyself and figure out if I

can really co-exist with them.


That was then and this is now.

I'm definitely not worried aboutany cast members on the show.

Tami, definitely areal sweet woman.

There's Jackie.

Jackie, now Jackie seemscrazy, but I like crazy.

I can't help it.

I have a big heart.

People say she's bossy,she's overbearing,

she dresses weird,she's so over-the-top,

all those kind of things.

And the crazy thing, mostof all of them are true.

This season, a wholelot is going on.

I'm really excited to be back.

I'm really diving head firstinto my role as a momager.

I have somethingto prove, as well

as my relationship with my guy.

We're trying to have a baby.

This season, Ithink people will

know that I'm a strong woman andI know how to stand my ground.

I'm having a little difficultproblem with my guy.

But overall, I think I can makea good situation out of this.

The cameras thisseason are capturing

my husband, who has been offeredan amazing job in another city.

I'm really trying tobe that big sister.

I just take people under mywing and I try to nurture them.

Having been inthe game this long,

I don't normally adaptwell to new people.

But this time around, I feel I'mdefinitely a little more Zen.

This group of girls alwaysputs the new girls on defense.

They're known to give thenewbies a run for their money.

It gets a little tough at times.

This season ofbasketball wives is

definitely going to be actionpacked, we in this bitch.

It's going to be a littlebit different this year.

I'm not worried about it.

There are so manydifferent personalities.

We butting heads.

There's a lot ofmisunderstandings,

so there's a lot of drama.

I'd like to say,bitches gone wild.

Set your DVR, log on to yourapp, get ready for Season 5.

"Basketball Wives LA" Season 5.

This might be thebest season yet.

Oh, no.

I thought I wasgoing to get that.

Well, we won anyway.