• Season 5, Ep 3

Tami Meets Angel Love

Jackie knows that Tami doesn’t like meeting new people, but she invites Angel Love to meet Tami anyway.

07/24/2016 · 3:24

- I got a girlfriendcoming in to see you.

I want her to meet you.Her name's Angel Love.

- Jackie, you know I don't beliking to meet no new people.

- I know, I know, but I--would you just meet her

and tell me what you think?She's a sweetheart.

- Now, Jackie knows mebetter than that.

Yes, sweetie, I'ma need thisimmediately if not sooner.

- Okay, enjoy.

- I don't really donew people well,

so I would have preferred

to have hadmy little one-on-one time

with her,then she let me know

that she wants meto meet somebody,

then we get together another dayand handle that mission,

but she put me on the spot,

so now I've gotto meet Angel Love.

- So she's here.- Okay, great.

- Hi, you look so pretty.- You look good.

Thank you. This is Tami.

- Hi.- Tami, this is Angel.

- Hi, Angel.- Nice to meet you.

- Angel Love.- Angel Love.

- Yes.- So I'm gonna let you

sit over here, honey,and we gonna call you

Miss Love from now on,Angel, 'cause it's too confusing

remembering two Angels;is that okay?

- Yes, that's fine.- Okay, Miss Love?

- You got my permission.- That's much more sexy.

Okay, at least we gotyour permission, okay.

So I was telling Tamia little bit about you

and how you area Southern belle,

and you're a sweetheart.

- I'm from New Orleans.- Oh, okay.

- I came here--I workin the medical field also.

I'm a registered nurse.- Oh, nice, I like that.

- So, I also--

- I might needsome of your services.

You know, I'm a diabetic,so every now and again

I might need some assistance.

- What? I definitely got you.Whatever you need.

- She can help mefree of charge.

- I got you.I like free.

- Did she say free of charge?- Mm-hmm.

- All right, all right, boo.

- So you guys have been hanging?- Yeah.

We went to [inaudible]crazy-ass party, and I'm like,

"What in the hell is going on?"

- It was a whole bunchof [bleep] happening.

Malaysia left, so I wentto go ask her what was going on,

and she was like,"I'm not feeling Angel.

"I don't wantto be here with her.

I don't want to bein the same room as her."

Then Brandi shows up,

and she was like,"Malaysia, don't leave.

This is an eventI gave for Duffey,

and I want you to stay,"but Malaysia was like,

"The party's boring anyway."

- Mm.

- So when Brandi cameback upstairs,

I asked her,"Well, what's really going on?"

- Right.

- She jumps all--tells me,

"You know what's going on;that's your friend.

You should ask her.You know what's going on."

- Then she say,"You know what?

I'm just not gonna ask youno more, Brandi, okay?"

and that shocked Brandi,'cause Brandi's not used

to no one comingat her like that,

you know, and then Brandi said,"Oh, well, okay."

She could--she shut her down,

and then she waswhispering to me like,

"Who is this bitch?Where she come from?"

I said, "Her name is Angel."

- I'm like, "First of all, boo,

I just asked youa simple question.

You ain't gotto get crazy like that.

Like, that's what you do whenyou meet every--anybody new?

Like, that's crazy."

First impressionsare important to me,

and if that's how Brandiwants to come off

and leave that impression,

then clearly you'rejust being a bitch,

and that's just what you are.

"You're very rude.You're rude as hell."

- I think that Brandiis the problem.

Problems with her and Shaunie,problems with me and her...

It was about y'all.

- Because you skipand hop to every reality show

that'll give a [bleep] turkey,you thirsty sugar mama,

so don't even keep talkingto me about that.

- Oh, baby, no.

- I don't like what she didwith you,

and I feel like she owes youan apology, but--

- She's not gonna apologize,

and I don't necessarilyrequire one,

but I do think that she owesShaunie an apology.

- Oh, hell, yeah,and if she don't,

then there's gonna be problemsacross the board.

- She's probablynot gonna apologize.

- Oh, she has to.

- So she don't like you,clearly.

- For what?Petty ass, for what?

- 'Cause you're cute.- [laugh]

- Okay?

At first, I wanted to knock Jackie upside her head

for bringing somebody newto our little,

you know, catch-up luncheon,but I actually like her.

Okay, y'all ready?- Girl, yes.

- Yes, let's go.- Whoo-whoo.