• Season 5, Ep 2

Jackie Has A Surprise For Doug

Jackie purchases a LA condo for her and Doug. However, Doug’s career plans may have him on the road again. Is there room for two careers in their marriage?

07/24/2016 · 2:57

- Hold on, bae.Here I come.

My husband's coming straight from the airport today.

He's been negotiatingthe next phase of his career.

We're not sure wherehis next job is gonna take us,

but I felt like splurging and getting this beautiful

downtown place would be amazing,

'cause we need a pad herebecause of my career.

So this will be our second home,

and I think he's gonna love it.

Hi, babe.- How've you been?

I made it. I made it.I made it.

- Welcome to our newhumble abode.

- Okay.

- I hope you will love it.

Do you like?

- I mean, yes, it's nice.It's beautiful.

- It's downtown, you know, whichyou know I've always dreamed of.

You don't seem happy.

- I mean, it's nice, but Imight not be here that much.

- For him,it's huge opportunities.

For me, I want to support that.

But what about me and my career?

I have to make a decisionwhether mine is more important

than what he wants to do.

- I mean, you know,Dougie's going with me.

I would hope that you would wantto come with us.

- Okay, well, babe...- So, okay, well--

- But you haven't decided,so in the meantime we--

- Then, so what--if you're under an understanding

that this will be what'sgoing on in Los Angeles,

and it may be empty a lot ofthe time, I'm totally with that.

- My career is here. This is--- Well, that's your career.

- I understand that, but--- But my career is probably

gonna be someplace else,so we'll just

have to figure out howto make that work.

- Babe, no. No.- But listen.

- I supported your careerfor 16 years.

Now my career's coming.

There's a way we can negotiatethis thing and have both.

I got movies.I just did a sitcom.

I got booked for another movie.

That's fourin less than six months, baby.

It's starting to take off.It's skyrocketing now.

And I need you to be hereand support me

the same wayas I'm gonna support you.

- And I'm gonna support you

the same waythat you supported me.

It's just that whenyou are trying to be

as successfulas you're trying to be,

there's sacrifices that you haveto make with your time,

with your friends,and with your family.

- But I also am a little worriedabout other stuff.

Like, you're gonna--if you were to be away from me,

and I was gonna be here,who would satisfy you?

- Oh.The hot ladies.

- You know, with Doug beingon the road again, he's away

from the family, and,you know, he's a man.

Let's face it.He has needs,

and there's a lot of peopleon the road

waiting to fulfill those.

If you check your guy's sack,then you would know.

If it's emptier, then that meansthey was with somebody,

and if it's full,that they wasn't.

You would allow that?- Hell no.

- Why?- I'm a grown-ass man, girl.

- I'm just talking about justto make sure that everything--

- You ain't gonna make sure.What you gonna make sure--

- I'm gonna make sure that ifeverything is--if it's full,

then I knowthat you're waiting for me.

- You sound like a damn foolright now.

- Babe, would you let me check?- I'll be with you.

- You promise? Only me?- Check, it's making you look

like a damn fool right now.- I'm sorry.

- But it's okay.- I just wanted to know.

- I love you when you'rea damn fool too.

- Thank you.- Yeah.