• Season 5, Ep 1 · Bonus

Brandi + Duffey Go House Hunting

After moving to LA, Brandi and Duffey check out a potential house that does not meet up to their expectations. Brandi dishes the bad news to Duffey about what happened to Jason Maxiell in China.

07/17/2016 · 3:10

[music playing]

All right, ladies, come on in.

You can see--

Well, if my hat canfit through this door.

--great high ceilings.

Very spacious.

Walk around and check itout, talk among yourselves.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

I'm here in LA withDuffey, looking for places.

Duffey has a son thesame age as my son,

and I don't wantmy son to be alone.

So having Duffey's sonand our son together,

we might as welljust get a big place.

I think it will make thisstay here in LA better.

I like this little area.

I like the den.

DUFFEY: That's cute.

Extra storage.


Oh, look, the boyscould be in here.

Perfect, for the kids.

What is that?

DUFFEY: I think it'slike a dog door.

Oh, let's get a dog.

Is that the mailbox?

Stash box or something.

Let me look atthe kitchen area.

I like the floors.

Yeah, the tile is nice.

I like my kitchen open.

I feel like I won'tcook if it's--

--[exhales] Youmade me move here.

This house is reallybumming me out.

We have to findsomething better.

I feel like I have downgraded.

I'm going back to Dallas.-Where are the knobs?

I'm going back to Dallas.

Look at the knobs,we're not going to cook.

How am I supposed to cookwith no knobs on the stove?

I hate it, I hate it.

This is not what Ipictured in my head

when I moved to Hollywood.

I hate it.

I hate everything.

It's going to be a no for me,it's going to be a no for me.

It's been so difficultbut I feel like we're

going to find our dream place.

And I want us to live together.

I want baby Jason and[inaudible] to get closer.

I want Iman andJason to get closer.


He's going to be coming or not.

I've been meaningto ask you that.

Speaking of Jason, we had amajor altercation in China.

Yes, he got hit in the head.

You didn't tell me!

What happened?

He went to chase this guy.

He chased a Chineseguy around the court?

Yes, literally.

Anyway, he got suspended.


Yeah, and he's coming home.

When Jason getshere, I don't know.

I'm trying to find myselflike, he can't come back

and interrupt whatI'm doing, so he

can't stay with me here in LA.

I don't know whatI'm going to do.

I don't even want totalk about that no more.

Anyway we're going to have fun.

Of course, you'regoing to meet Malaysia.


Awesome sauce.

Jackie's fun, if shedoesn't take too many shots.

I'm giving her a lotof shots because I

want to see her act crazy.

No, no, no, no, no youdon't want to see her.

I want Jackie on thebar, lifting her shirt--

BRANDI: You don't want tosee Jackie pissy with--


I'm so excited and happy tobe here in LA with Brandi.

This is my chanceto meet new people,

it's about to get popping.

Yes, me and Brandyare taking over.

I am so excited.

Ain't no party likea DJ Duffey party.

[music playing]