• Season 5, Ep 1

Have You Talked To Any Of Those Chicks?

Shaunie and Tami discuss where they stand wth the rest of the girls.

07/17/2016 · 3:24

- I'm here!Where you at?

- I'm up here, girl.Perfect timing.

Hey, yeah, exactly, exactly.

You can't--I can't--I need you to help me

'cause Reggie not here,and I don't know

how to put this damn cabinettogether.

- Look at this though.

What is that supposed to be?

- It's gonna be this.

Being back in LA, I'm actually excited to see Shaunie again.

My true friends here in LAare Shaunie and Jackie.

- This looks comfy.That's cute.

- Yes, child,

I was just trying to puta little hodgepodge together.

- Do you use it?- You know, we plan to.

- Uh, okay.Don't turn into Jackie.

- I'm not gonna turn into Jackie

'cause I'm not that freaky.

My freak meter is not at a ten.

- Or even if you are,you probably just,

you know, keep it amongst

who you are freaky withas opposed to sharing it.

Speaking of Jackie, have youtalked to her since you been--

- I haven't talked to anybody.

That's the--I was gonnaask you the same thing.

Like, have you talked to any ofthem chicks since Puerto Rico?

- I talk to Jackie periodically.

I haven't talkedto anybody else.

- I haven't either.

- And I'm okay with that.

- You shouldn't be though.- I shouldn't?

- She owes you an apology.

- Brandi?- Yes.

- She called and apologizedin Puerto Rico.

- Oh.

- Then she called mea few times after that

to make sure we was cooland all that good stuff.

- Okay. Okay.- And I was fine with that.

But later on and as of recent,

she has been running her mouth

about Shaunie don't run nothing.

She ain't my boss.

I don't work for nobody,

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

- I don't really knowwhat's going on with Brandi.

She seems real pressed, likea Panini or something, you know?

She want all this attention.

She want everybodyto bow down to her.

I definitely think that Brandi needs to apologize to Shaunie

just from a respect factor.

- Considering we were okayand she apologized

and things seemed to be fine...

- Right, you just kept itmoving.

- I was like, "Okay, cool,

"you know, no need to fireand all that kind of stuff.

Let's move on."

So then once you get it back,now you're like,

"Oh, she can'twhoo, whoo, whoo,"

and maybe that's to save facefor her fans.

- Fans? She Beyoncé?

- [laughs]

- Is she Beyoncé,Shaunie, and I missed it?

- I'm just saying.

I'm just saying

maybe that's what it is.

- I feel likeit's 300 good followers,

and that's basically family.

- 300!

- That's basically familyat that point.

That's not a fan.

- Tami is my girl,

and, you know,that's my ride or die.

She sometimes speaks my heart.

I'm just smiling 'causethat's what I was thinking.

- Have you talked to Malaysia?- No.

Malaysia and I really didn't"talk" though.

Like, we would see--- You said "talk" though.

- We--we were like--- What is this?

'Cause that wasn'ttechnically quotes.

- It was, like--it was, like, a--

- That was like one of these?

- [laughs] I didn't mean it.

- "We don't really talk."

- I didn't mean it.I didn't mean it.

It's not her.

It's, like, the whole situation.

When we can all get togetherand have a good time...

- It's cool.- I'm all in.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- When we all get togetherand have unnecessary drama,

those are the momentsthat I'm like,

I kind of don't miss--

like, feel badthat I don't talk to anybody.

It's six, seven grown womenwith a lot of personalities.

You can only, you know,hope for the best.

[laughs awkwardly]

- Okay, that goes in there.- I don't think that's right.