• Season 5, Ep 1 · Bonus

We're Not In Dallas Anymore

Duffey hopes her move from Dallas to LA will be worth it. She shares her big LA plans with her fiancé, Iman Shokuohizadeh.

07/17/2016 · 1:44

Oh my God.

I'm so excited to be here baby.

We're in LA!

We are not in Dallas,Texas anymore.

This is where stars are made.

My man is Iman Shokuohizadeh.

He's a Persian 6'6, fine, male.

He's a basketball agent.

I decided to move to LAnot only for my career,

but also for myfiance, Iman's, career.

You know this is whatI've always wanted.

Like I'm about to take over.

I told Brandy, "Watch out.

Like your little friendsyou have, whatever.


It's me and you and we're aboutto take over LA together."

I'm about to be the hottest,best DJ there is in LA.

I'm so happy you came.

I'm so sorry it'scosting so much money.

I already thoughtof a headphone line

and they're like jeweledlike bedazzled everywhere.

Women all over theworld would love it.

I'm gonna hit upall the DJ's I know.

I'm gonna hit up allmy celeb friends.

I'm gonna tell them to help meout and get me in all the clubs


And I'm just going torock out and do my thing.

Nobody is like me.

There is no DJ in LA thatcan touch me and I know it.

It's a wrap.

Me and Iman gave upso much to come to LA.

We gave up our beautiful housein Dallas, all of our friends.

I really hope that LAwas worth the move.

I hope you're readyfor this ride cause

we're about to go to the top.

The top babe.

It's just gonna be me and you.

We're gonna be like theKanye and Kim K. of LA.

Love you.