• Season 5, Ep 1

God Gave Me An Out

Malaysia weighs in on Brandi's marriage and it rubs Duffey the wrong way.

07/17/2016 ยท 1:42

- How are you and Jason?

- He and I are separatedright now.

I need to focus on Brandi.

- Like, honestly,Brandi is being stubbran.

- What?- Are you serious right now?

- A little bit.

Yes, they're having some issues.

Yes, the trust is gone,

but I feel like he hasthe makings of making it work.

She needs to stopbeing stubbran.

- Okay, well,get back with Janerro.

- But that's a different storyaltogether.

- It is not.It is not a different story.

- It is.- It's the same story...

- It is.- Different guy.

- Y'all both said "I do"in front of God, so.

- God gave me a out.

- But you don't feel the samething for Brandi?

I feel like Malaysia is wrong for calling Brandi stubborn.

I mean, come on. You've beenwith a player before.

You know how it is.

She has Jason's back more than Brandi's,

and she's supposed to be her best friend?

I'm not really feeling that.

- What I'm saying is

when he's trying, you are--

- You can't try and still doother things at the same time.

That's not trying.- Okay.

- That's just ass-backwards.

- I just know--I know the steps,

and you're not there yet,

and I feel like if you leavetoday, you're gonna be unhappy.

- Malaysia,I'm not being stubborn.

I want what's right for me.

When I say be faithfuland treat me right as your wife,

that's not asking for too much.

That's asking forthe right thing.

- Told me.

- Y'all know I get madwhen I talk about them.

- I will say that you guys areannoying the [bleep] out of me.

I'm about to walk outin, like, two seconds.

- I'm done, okay?

- My problem with Malaysia is her attitude,

and the next timewe're together,

I'm gonna need herto check it at the door

because the next time Malaysia gets her little attitude

with me,I'm not gonna be so nice.