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The Evolution Of Tami Roman

Tami Roman has been through many ups and downs, but she has no regrets. See the evolution of Tami.

07/19/2016 · 2:43

[bouncing sound]

TAMI ROMAN: At some point,you're going to have to stop

caring what people think.

[swoosh sound]

[music playing]

You're going to have tolive life for yourself.

Realize no one is going to loveyou more than you love you.

So it only makessense to do "you."

[music playing]

It hasn't always been this way.

It's been a journey.

A lot of people comment andhave judgment on your life.

And people tend to forgetthat even though we're on TV,

we're still human.

It's just our upsand downs are played

out for the world to see.

Especially, living myearly 20s on reality TV,

I felt like it wasgroundbreaking.

We were the pioneersof the genre.

I was living my reallife and living my truth.

My career has beenfull of ups and downs.

But not many peoplecan say they've had

the longevity that I've had.

And I've been in thebusiness almost 22 years.

I have no regrets onanything I've done.

Some people aren't goingto like it, but it was me.

The one thing that has alwayskept me going is my mother.

And now that she'sno longer with us,

I have to keep going,for my daughters.

I don't like tojust do something.

I have to be the bestat everything that I do.

This game takes real strength.

Staying relevant is not easy.

Sometimes I ask myself,girl, why are you doing this?

The reason why I keepgoing is because I

don't know anything else.

Not too many peoplecould walk in my shoes.

I've been rich.

I've been poor.

And I think that I'velearned that life

is about having substance.

And it's not about howmuch money you have,

but who you are as a person.

And reality TV just showsone side of who I am.

No one is one-dimensional.

The thing about me is,love me or hate me,

you know that I'm real.

Not everybodyunderstands who I am.

And at this point, I don'ttake gratification in going

against a weaker opponent.

That's so far from who I am.

I'm OK with beingmisunderstood, because the truth

needs no defense.

I'm OK with the games peopleplay, because my next move

is my absolute best move.

I'm OK with defining whoI am on my own terms.

This is the journey.

I'm OK with being me.

[music playing]