• Season 5, Ep 2

Brandi Sets Jason Straight

Brandi sees Jason for the first time in three months. This time around Brandi demands less talk and more action from Jason.

07/24/2016 ยท 3:41

I'm not sad, I'm happy 'causeyou get to see your daddy.

Last year, I gave Jason another chance.

And he turns around and cheatson me, and I'm hurt.

- Hi.- Unh-uh.

You're not gonna take them out,though, right?

- Yes.- No. No, oh, no.

- I ain't gonna be ableto do this.

I ain't gonna be ableto do it.

- I'll take out the heavier one.

- The heavier one?

- Oh.He's big.

Whoa, big.- No. No. No, no, no.

both: It's okay.- His name is Jupiter.

- But he's nice?- He's extremely nice.

Pet the tail?- See there?

Touch it, my boy.Yeah.

Since you do it,I got to do it too, huh?

All right.Yeah, all right.

Yeah, yeah.- You got it. There you go.

- Wipe it off.Here, wipe it off.

- No, I'm good.- Put him in the basket.

- Yeah, put him backin the basket.

They trippin', my boy.

- I hate snakes.

They make good purses, though.

I can't say that.

- Thank you guys.- Thank you.

Our time at the zoois coming to a close.

You want to go playon the playground?

And there are some things that Ineed to set straight with Jason.

- Mmm!So how you been?

- Good.So now they sent you back?

- You were showing out.

- Been thinkingabout everything?

- Yeah, of course.Things are gonna be done.

I'm trying to take steps forwardin our marriage

and in being honest to you.- Wow.

I don't want to hear aboutI'm trying.

I don't want to hear aboutI'm gonna do better.

I don't want to hear nothing.

I want you to be a father

and focus on that first.

Because when you start bringingup what you're gonna do,

what you should've done,it makes me angry.

And I'm not downto talk about this.

- Peek-a-boo.- No, no.

You're gonna hurt yourself.

I think we need to getsome things in order.

We need to straighten outsome things.

We need to talk aboutsome things.

He misses you.

I don't want to keep himfrom you,

you know what I mean, but Idon't want to be around you.

But I'm gonna have to suck it upfor a couple of weeks

so he can just get used to youbeing here with him.

But I don't know howwe're gonna arrange this.

I don't want him to see youthe way you were at one point.

So I'm not gonna sit thereand fight with any of that.

Of course,I want things different.

- No, you don't.

- I'm not with that.

I don't wantto keep hearing this.

Don't talk to me about us.

If there's gonna be an us,let me see you.

Let me watch you.

'Cause all that talkis for the birds.

I don't wantto hear you talking.

I want to see your actions.

I don't want you talkingto me about no,

like, us, no nothing.

Like, it's about him.And that's the main focus.

Like, I don't want to hearthat [bleep] no more.

God, I wish we couldwork this out for him.

'Cause he deserves it.

Like...[light chuckle]

I know my son wants us together.

And I wish that Jason could look at him and be like,

for him, I will.

I wish we couldget it together, but...

I can't force a man to dowhatever he doesn't want to do.