• Season 5, Ep 1

Tami Is Back On Her Old Stomping Ground

Tami is back in Miami to focus on work and conceiving a baby with her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. Reggie knows exactly how he and Tami will conceive a boy.

07/17/2016 ยท 2:16

- I'm glad you're here with me,babe.

- You know I'm gonna comewith you, babe.

- I love Reggie,

and I think he is the perfectmate for me.

He's younger than me, 17 years,

and I feel likeI've just been educating him

for the past year and a half

on what it takesto be with an older woman with--


- You excited to be back?- I am.

- Your old stomping grounds?- Yeah, you know I love LA.

I'm back in LAto kind of focus on my work.

At the same time,I'm trying to make a baby.

I definitely had to have Reggie come with me

because I don't want himback in Houston

making babies with anybody else.

- You fertile now.- I know.

I've always been that way.- And I ain't used to that.

- I'm surprisedmy eggs still working.

- Yeah, they work.- But they are.

I'm excited about that.- They been dormant for years.

- [laughs] Shush.

Bae, that's a cute little couch.- It is.

- Unfortunately, we've miscarried three times,

so for us,he absolutely wants a child.

What's the budget, babe?

Is there a budget?

- Man, my budget,not your budget.

- [laughs]

For me, I want a baby,

but then there are timesthat I don't,

but becauseI'm so much in love with him,

I would do it for him.

We might possibly have a baby.

- What if it's a girl?

- Go ahead and try again.

- Yeah. Oh, no.

Wait, what?- Yeah. Huh?

- No, if we have a girl,that's it.

Like, I don't thinkI could go past this year.

- Nah, I got to keep shootingtill I get a boy.

- No, baby. I don't thinkI could go past this year.

- I know some thingsthat guarantee a boy though.

I've been researchingand doing studies.

- What?

- See, first, you got toconceive in the summer months.

That's number one.

And then you have to bethe aggressor.

- So I have to be on top?

- Reggie, who told you that?- This is facts.

- Mm. Well, I'm not about to doall that, babe.

I'm 45. I can't be justpushing it back like that.

- That's one option.- Does doggie style work?

- Yeah.- [laughs]

I got to sit on itand wind it

and back it up real hardin order for us to get a boy,

in the summer months.

I bet people didn't know that.

All right, give me a kiss.