• Season 2, Ep 3

Erin Learns About Zach's Vasectomy

Erin sits down with Zach to tell him about the baby, only to learn that he had a vasectomy before they started dating.

07/06/2016 ยท 1:37

I had a vasectomy.

No, you didn't.

Uh, I did, I did.

In fact, four years ago,I had a vasectomy.

I'm-- I'm alltied up down there.

There's--That's not true.

I would know if you hadhad a vasectomy.

Well, you wouldn't.

It's not somethingyou can feel, uh...

Yeah, you can,you (bleep) in me.

Okay, well...

What happens is there's thestuff that comes out.

I hate that stuff.


All I know is thatwe've been sleeping together

and I'm pregnant, so--

You're not pregnant with my--

There's no wayyou are pregnant with my child.

It means you've been (bleep)somebody else.


How many peopleare you sleeping with?

How many peopleare you sleeping with?

I'm not sleeping with anyone.

Well, why?

We had a talkabout exclusivity.

Yeah, we did.That's true.Oh, my God.

Okay, well, then I guess thisis a perfect opportunity 'cause

you want to adopt childrenand now you can raise

someone else's child.

Erin, are you out of your mind?

You think that I'm going to,like, raise a stranger's child

that you had sex with while wewere supposed to be exclusive?

That's ludicrous.He's not a stranger.

You've met him before.

He's the valet guyat that restaurant.

It's the Land Rover, right?

Be better if you went and got--Yeah, it's a Land Rover.

Just get the car.

Be right back.You know him?

No, do you?

You slept with the valet?

Well, that's rude.

He's just a person with a job.

In a car?No, in a house.

So the child that you're havingis the valet guy's child.

He has a name,his name is Ryan.

I am not gonna raiseRyan's child.

So you're not as goodof a person as you say you are.

Oh, my God.

Well, are you a good guyor are you not?

I'm a very good guy and I'm sucha good guy that I'm gonna leave

and not screamat a woman who has a child.

Good luck.

Oh, cute.What a dick.

Glad I'm not having his baby.

Listen, it's not what I wasexpecting, but the truth is,