• Season 2, Ep 4

Sara Is Outshined By Her Nanny

Sara is upstaged in her interview with Dr. Phil when her nanny makes an appearance.

07/13/2016 ยท 1:56

(Phil)I've asked somebody to join us.

Patty, come on in.


You said you wantedto apologize.


Pattycakes,it's so good to see you.

How are you?

Oh, it is an honor to be herewith you, Dr. Phil.

Well, you showedsuch courage.

I'm-- it's inspired...Such...

Excuse us....cour...

You've, you've shown suchcourage during this time.

And it's just inspireda lot of women.

It's been a reallydark time for me.

I've been in a cave that I neverthought I would get out of.

But my fansand my admirers...

really dug meout of that...

well with their bucketof love and--

Well, that's millionsof buckets, I know.

Sara, I--Yeah.

I just wanna say I forgive,I forgive you.

It's okay, Patty.

Oh...It's been really hard.

Where do you findthe strength?

I know.

Where do you?Where do you?

I know, thank you.Where do you?

You know, um, I think it wasGandhi who said, uh,

to forgive is to teachforgiveness.

Oh, really?And I think that

I'm gonna need all the strengthI can get, um,

for the next seasonof "Dancing With the Stars."

You're kidding?No.

Oh, that is gonnabe so much fun.

I know.


Thank you.

Oh, do you know whoyour partner is?

I think Scott Disick.

(Sara)You know what they say,

when one door closes,another window opens.

And the truth is, beingon "Dancing With the Stars,"

it's not the right fit.

And also, you know howthey say everyone's a winner.

Not in the case for you,you're a loser.

There's also that saying.

Don't make the fatherof the man you're in love with

have a heart attack and die.

I wish that was a saying

'cause then I would'veknown not to do it.

But they say when you havefamily, you have it all.

That's not true.Oh.

I don't... buy that.

That's definitelynot true.Okay.