• Season 2, Ep 3 · Bonus

Erin Returns The Baby Clothes

Erin second guesses her decision to not keep the baby when she learns about the Instagram fame motherhood brings.

07/06/2016 · 1:36


I am...returning all this stuff.

Oh, okay.

Did everythingwork out all right?

Yeah, it's just no good.It's good?

Are you the mom?


I could tell,you look gorgeous.

Your skin is glowing,your hair.

Thank you.Everything looks amazing.


You're gonna besuch a great mom.

I don't,I don't think so.

Yeah, no, I can tell.

I see, like, moms coming inall the time and, like,

their lifechanges so much.

Like when theyhave a baby?

Yeah, absolutely.

It's like...Lots of change.

They become, like,the center of attention.

Everyone waits handand foot on 'em.

What?Everyone wants to know

how you are and, like,

how you're feeling and, like--No one ever asks me how I feel.

It's great.

I thought it was, like,you get fat and then, like,

your life is over.No, no, no, not at all.

Get ready for yourInstagram to explode.

Excuse me?Yes.

Haven't you seen, like,everyone always posts, like,

"Best thing that'sever happened to me"?

They always do #GreatestGift.Exactly.

The only problem is that thedad is like, a huge douchebag.

Oh... no, that's fine.

They transform as soonas they have a baby.

They become, like,the perfect dad.

What?Yeah, you'll be fine.

He's like, a huge loser.

No, but it's likea natural instinct,

like, soon as the baby's born hebecomes, like, this protective,

genuine, just loving dad,and that's--

Successful or--Yeah, successful,

and they become so hot,just immediately, you know?


Oh, my God.


I'm gonna keep it.

I mean... what?

Keep the baby.Oh.

I need to call Ryan.

Thank you so much,this has been really helpful.

You're welcome?