• Season 2, Ep 4

Sara Finds Out Her Husband Cheated

Find out how Sara uses a cheating scandal to her advantage Wednesday, July 13th + 11/10c only on VH1!

07/06/2016 ยท 1:23

I, I mean this is insane.

I don't get it.

I don't get it.No, it's crazy.

You know what?I should've,

I should've seenthis coming.

Patty has always beena little weird to me.

Like, she's always payingway more attention to the kids

than she is to me.

It is weird a nanny that paysso much attention to the kids.

I am so smart.How did I not see this?

I have to find out fromthe nanny cam in the dolphin?

Well, that's a bear.

Yeah, that's a bear.

How long have youhad this?

I don't know.

What are youworried about?

Just, you know, keepinginventory on... the home.

How many times do you thinkAbbey's laid in your bed naked?

I don't get it,I am famous.

I'm rich,I'm powerful.

I'm the motherof his children.

Well, that part is true.

It is sort of on youfor hiring a hot nanny.

Patty's really pretty.She's not that pretty.

She's pretty.

You know what,it doesn't even matter.

Because I'm gonna use thistragedy to my advantage.

Scandal is a veryinteresting thing.

It can makeyour life horrible.

Or you can use itto your advantage.

You're in the press a lot morewhen there's scandal,

so that's alwaysa good time

to show how--Okay, but aren't you,like, sad at all

that your marriage is,like, falling apart?

Of course I'm sad,but I'm also, you know,

lookingat the positivo side.

Like, you could,you know, get on"Dancing With the Stars."

You could do, like,a "20/20" tell-all.

You are so strong.

I think that's what we'reall thinking right now

is just how strong you are.

Hi.Hey, I just heard.